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Automobile: Dodge ChargerGames where the player can drive the Dodge Charger.Limitations The car must be ...57
Call of Duty: Ghosts seriesThis group is for games and additional content in the Call of Duty: Ghosts ...57
Animals: SnakesGames that introduce snakes as protagonists or major plot-related characters, ...56
Worms seriesWorms is a game series which features up to their teeth armed band of worms ...56
Gameplay feature: HuntingThis game group features games where the player controlled character may hunt ...56
Genre: Truck racing / drivingGames in which the player controls a truck, either using it to participate in ...56
Missile Command variantsGames featuring gameplay similar to that of Missile Command, in which players ...56
Automobile: Lotus EliseGames in which you can drive the Lotus Elise and all its variants.Limitations ...56
Call of Duty: Black Ops series56
Automobile: Honda S2000Games where the player can drive the Honda S2000 and all its ...56
Command & Conquer gamesWestwood Studios' long-running series of real-time strategy games (and ...56
The [email protected] series56
Automobile: Lotus EspritGames in which you can drive the Lotus Esprit. -- from Need for Speed II ...56
Genre: Simulation - FarmingGames where farming is the primary representation of gameplay. The player ...56
Animals: SheepGames that feature sheep as protagonists, or in an otherwise prominent ...56
Pokémon main RPG seriesPok√©mon role-playing games developed by Game Freak that appear on a handheld ...56
Genre: Miniature golfMiniature golf isn't like "regular" golf; it's all putting, and either requires ...56
Character Feature: Actual person's looks and voiceThis group should contain all the games where main or side characters are ...55
Gameplay Feature: Fog of WarFog of War, mostly found in strategy games, obscures already explored areas of ...55
Physical Bonus Content: Clothing / JewelryThis groups should contain retail game releases that contain some form of ...55
Genre: Simulation - MedicalGames that have to do with a variety of professions or themes directly related ...55
beatmania gamesThis group includes all of the Beatmania games released by Konami, including ...55
Petz seriesA series of virtual pet simulators.55
Gameplay Feature: House OwnershipGames in which players can purchase a virtual house for their avatar's ...55
Zaccaria Pinball series54
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