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Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller series6
Rage of Mages / Allods series6
Deal or No Deal licensees6
Women's Murder Club seriesThe Women's Murder Club games are hidden object games in which female ...6
Metaltech / Earthsiege seriesMetaltech/EarthSiege is a series of mech simulation games, the foundation of a ...6
Pro Pinball seriesThe Pro Pinball games are a series of pinball simulators from Cunning ...6
Kim Possible gamesComputer games which are based on the Disney cartoon, Kim Possible. Kim is a ...6
Seiddab gamesA series of Steve Turner games against a common foe.Related sites Wikipedia: ...6
3D Ultra Mini Golf adventuresThese games include the original 3D Ultra Mini Golf Adventures as well as ...6
Penny Arcade Adventures seriesA series of games developed by Hothead Games based on the web comic Penny ...6
Hard Truck series6
Alex Kidd seriesIncludes all the games released starring Alex Kidd. Although most installments ...6
Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX series6
Konung series6
Super Chinese seriesThe "Super Chinese" series of games follows the adventures of ninjas Jack & Ryu ...6
Osamu Tezuka licenseesGames based on comics and animation by Japan's most revered comics artist, ...6
Pikmin seriesPikmin series of games.6
Game Engine: Torque X (CEV)Games using a version of the Torque X or Torque X CEV (Community Enhanced ...6
Tintin licenseesGames starring Hergé's character Tintin and his dog Snowy.6
Aircraft: ZeppelinGames featuring the Zeppelin in a prominent role.Limitations If the aircraft ...6
Inspiration: Author - Astrid Lindgren6
Setting: City - MunichGames in which at least part of the setting is the city of Munich, Germany. The ...6
Sports Illustrated licensees6
Game Engine: Essence 1.0Games using a version of the Essence 1.0 engine (original or modified), created ...6
Tank: M4 ShermanGames in which players can command the M4 Sherman medium tank (and its upgraded ...6
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