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Middleware: RakNetGames using a version of the RakNet (original or modified), developed by ...15
Ridge Racer series15
Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) seriesThis group contains games based on the CSI television series, broadcast on CBS ...15
Protagonist: JewishGames where at least one of the player-controlled characters is Jewish, whether ...15
MicroProse Grand Prix seriesGames developed or distributed by MicroProse (or later owners ...15
God of War seriesGod of War is a series of action games with puzzle-solving elements, set in the ...15
Icewind Dale seriesA series of RPGs by Black Isle Studios, a division of Interplay, based on the ...16
Codemasters Simulator seriesThe line of Codemasters budget games citing themselves as simulators of ...16
PC Fútbol seriesThe flagship titles of Spanish developers Dinamic Multimedia were the PC Fútbol ...16
Game Engine: TADSTADS (Text Adventure Development System) is an Interactive Fiction software ...16
Theme: HomelessSometimes painted broadly as bums or hobos, this group collects games featuring ...16
Crazy Machines seriesFAKT Software's series of physics-based puzzle games heavily inspired by The ...16
Softdisk's Big Blue compilationsMonthly disk magazine shovelware compilations of games, utilities, applications ...16
Protagonist: DemonThis group includes games in which the main playable character is a demon: a ...16
Inspiration: Author - Arkadi and Boris StrugatskyThis group contains games based on - directly or loosely - the works of the ...16
Premier Manager seriesOne of the most popular football (soccer) management series, as well as one of ...16
Star Wars X-Wing / Tie Fighter series16
Pipe Dream / Pipe Mania variantsThis group contains games with gameplay similar to the gameplay found in the ...16
Davilex Racer seriesA series of racing games by Davilex set in different locations all over the ...16
Pitfall seriesSeries of games featuring the exploits of Indiana Jones-style ...16
Aircraft: Panavia TornadoGames featuring the Panavia Tornado NATO fighter/bomber in a prominent role. ...16
Gradius seriesGradius is a series of futuristic scrolling shoot-'em-ups which take place in ...16
Ballistics gamesBallistics games are games where the player has to launch a projectile with a ...16
Tekken seriesTekken (鉄拳, "Iron Fist") is a series of versus fighting games by Namco. The ...16
Wheel of Fortune licenseesGames based on the popular Wheel of Fortune game show16
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