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Parodius seriesKonami's series of self-parodying side scrolling Gradius-style shooters.7
The Sims 3 expansions7
Lunar seriesLunar is a series of Japanese-style role-playing games, best known for its ...7
3D Engine: LyNGames using a version of the proprietary LyN engine (original or modified) ...7
Circus / Clowns variantsOriginally developed by Exidy in 1977-78, Circus was a logical progress from ...7
Disney's Aladdin gamesGames based on the 1992 Disney animated movie Aladdin, its direct-to-video ...7
Industry Giant series7
Mission: Impossible gamesGames licensed around either the Mission: Impossible American television series ...7
New Play Control! seriesA group of re-released classic Nintendo GameCube titles with controls enhanced ...7
Myth seriesA series of fantasy strategy games originally developed by Bungie Studios. When ...7
F1 seriesA series of Formula 1 racing games by Codemasters.7
Screamer series7
Ishar series7
Capcom Arcade Cabinet series7
Gratuitous Space Battles series7
Space Ace series7
Michael Jackson licenseesGames licensed/endorsed by the pop musician Michael Jackson.7
Stealth Bastard / Stealth Inc. series7
Player Manager series7
Aircraft: B-25 MitchellGames featuring the North American B-25 Mitchell in a prominent ...7
Fictional character: Sinbad the SailorSinbad (also spelled Sindbad; Persian سندباد, Sandbad, meaning Lord of the ...7
Strawberry Shortcake licenseesGames bearing the Strawberry Shortcake licensed characters.7
Can Can Bunny seriesThe eroge series Can Can Bunny (きゃんきゃんバニー) by Cocktail Soft originated on ...7
3D Engine: KrassEngineGames using the KrassEngine (original or modified) by Massive Development GmbH.7
One Piece gamesGames based on the manga and anime franchise One Piece created by Eiichiro Oda, ...7
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