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Genre: Board game - ClueGames based on the Clue (a.k.a. Cluedo) board game.12
Redneck Rampage seriesA suite of Build engine FPS games and level packs featuring the explosive ...12
Winnie the Pooh gamesGames featuring Winnie the Pooh and friends12
Actua Sports seriesThe Actua Sports Series are to Gremlin what the popular EA Sports brand are to ...12
Micro Machines licenseesGames based on the "Micro Machines" toy franchise which consist of really ...12
Blitz variantsPopularly known as Blitz, the progenitor of this game is said to be Air Attack ...12
Oddworld seriesCreated by Oddworld Inhabitants, Oddworld is a fictional universe and a series ...12
3D Engine: RAGEGames using the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine (RAGE) (original or modified), by ...12
Activision collectionsAll the Activision compilation releases.12
Simple Characters 2000 seriesThis group gathers all the games released under the Simple Characters 2000 ...12
Hello Kitty licenseesGames featuring the Hello Kitty character from Sanrio Co.12
Setting: ScottishGames that are set, partially or entirely, in Scotland.12
Record of Lodoss War universeGames based on Ryo Mizuno's Record of Lodoss War (ロードス島戦記) cycle of fantasy ...12
Automobile: DeLorean DMC-12Games where the player can drive the DeLorean DMC-12.Limitations The car must ...12
Who Wants to be a Millionaire licenseesGames based on the popular TV quiz show.12
Front Mission seriesFront Mission series revolves around warfare in a near to distant future. The ...12
World Series Baseball seriesA SEGA-owned baseball franchise, developed for a variety of platforms.12
EA Sports Street games12
Kinnikuman licensees12
Hunt the Wumpus variantsWide-ranging interpretations of Gregory Yob's '70s mainframe game Hunt the ...12
Imagine seriesUbisoft's series of casual games aimed at 6 to 14 year old girls.12
Theme: OfficeGames taking place in, or relating to, office environments.12
SaGa universeA large series of Japanese RPGs including Romancing SaGa, Saga Frontier ...12
Spec Ops series12
PixelJunk series12
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