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Mighty universeA series of games by WayForward Technologies. Each games starts with the word ...7
Action SATS Learning seriesA series of educational games.7
3D Engine: IrrlichtGames using a version of the free and open source Irrlicht 3D engine.Related ...7
Law & Order series7
Ben 10 licenseesGames licensed from the Ben 10 American animated television series created by ...7
Evil Dead gamesGames based on or borrowing from the Evil Dead films with the protagonist Ash.7
My Little Pony licensees7
UMS seriesIntergalactic Development Incorporated's series of universal military ...7
Digital Illusions Pinball seriesThe Pinball games made by Sweden's Digital Illusions team7
Rome: Total War seriesTotal War games specific to the Rome series.7
Automobile: Mercedes-Benz E-ClassGames where the player can drive the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and all its ...7
Trophy Bass gamesSierra's Trophy Bass games7
Star Wars: The Clone Wars gamesGames that happen during the Star Wars: Clone Wars-era of the series. The Clone ...7
Punch-Out seriesNintendo's series of boxing games.Related links Wikipedia: Punch-Out!! Trivia ...7
Gilsoft's The Gold Collection seriesA group of text adventures published by Gilsoft7
Aircraft: Sopwith TriplaneGames featuring the Sopwith Triplane in a prominent role.Limitations If the ...7
Skunny series7
Jak & Daxter seriesThe adventures of the PlayStation heroines Jak and a ottsel named Daxter on a ...7
Satoru Nakajima F1 seriesVarie Corporation's series of Formula 1 racing games promoted by Japanese F1 ...7
Virtual Skipper seriesGames in the Virtual skipper series originally developed by Duran but continued ...7
Setting: Chinese Qing DynastyThe Qing Dynasty (Chinese: 清朝) ruled China from 1644 to 1912. Led by the Manchu ...7
Crazy Taxi series7
Fictional character: Peter PanThis group includes games set in the Peter Pan universe, featured in many works ...7
Tecmo Bowl series7
Circus / Clowns variantsOriginally developed by Exidy in 1977-78, Circus was a logical progress from ...7
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