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Tank: Tiger IIGames in which players can command the Tiger II (AKA King Tiger) heavy tank ...5
Prison Tycoon seriesA series of strategy games developed by Virtual Playground where the player ...5
CART licenseesRacing games licensed by the Championship Auto Racing Teams.5
Valkyria Chronicles series5
Scribblenauts series5
Skate or Die series5
Setting: City - WarsawGames in which at least part of the setting is the city of Warsaw (Warszawa), ...5
Tank: Pz.Kpfw. IVGames in which players can command the Panzerkampfwagen IV (AKA Panzer IV) ...5
Kao the Kangaroo games5
Virtua Cop series5
Love Death / Realtime Lovers seriesA series of adult games by Teatime, united by an overarching plot (though ...5
Hotline Miami series5
Valis XIncludes the five separately released episodes of Valis X, a hentai adventure ...5
GooCubelets seriesA series of puzzle games developed by Zonitron Productions.5
Imperium Romanum series5
Slayers licenseesGames based on the anime and light novel series Slayers, created by Hajime ...5
Penumbra seriesA series of survival horror adventure games by Frictional Games played from a ...5
Disney Sports gamesGames released under the Disney "Sports" brand. Not sports games that include ...5
Asheron's Call seriesA series of fantasy MMORPGs. The first part of the series is Asheron's Call ...5
Zeebo Extreme seriesSeries of Zeebo-exclusive "extreme" sports games developed to make use of ...5
TV Sports seriesBefore the EA Sports games, Cinemaware was making sports games with TV-style ...5
Bizarre's Street Racing seriesStreet racing games by Bizarre Creations5
Ricky Carmichael licensees5
Mount&Blade seriesA medieval strategy/role playing/simulation hybrid series originally developed ...5
Tempest legacyGames based on the original vector-based Atari shooter.5
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