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3D Engine: Infinity Engine 2Games using a version of the proprietary Infinity Engine 2 (original or ...2
Game Engine: FilmationUltimate Play The Game's isometric, flip-screen engine, succeeded by Filmation ...2
Condemned seriesMonolith's series of horror shooter games, in which the player assumes the role ...2
Shinobido series2
Neocron series2
Bullet Candy series2
Miner Wars series2
Quarantine series2
Wizardry Gaiden series2
Element Girls seriesA series of lifestyle application games originally published by dtp young ...2
1920 / Tōdō Ryūnosuke seriesA series of detective mystery games by Riverhill that feature the private ...2
Bubble series2
Classic Compendium legacy2
Let's Talk About Me series2
The Chaos Engine seriesGroup for "The Chaos Engine" and "The Chaos Engine 2" games.2
Disaster Report / Zettai Zetsumei Toshi series2
Terrahawks licenseesGames based on Terry Anderson's animated series.2
Dual Orb series2
Regional Power series2
Pacific Strike series2
Game Engine: FlatRedBallGames using a version of the FlatRedBall engine (original or modified), created ...2
PC Calciatori series2
World Destruction League series2
Creatures (Apex) series2
Uncharted Waters / Daikōkai Jidai seriesThe Uncharted Waters or DaikĊkai Jidai (Great Age of Exploration) series are ...2
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