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Rayxanber seriesRayxanber is a series of horizontally scrolling shooters in which the player ...3
Magic Johnson licenseesBasketball games licensed/endorsed by Earvin "Magic" Johnson.3
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing series3
Aircraft: Douglas A-20 HavocGames featuring the Douglas A-20 Havoc in a prominent role.Limitations If the ...3
Mayhem series3
Vampire: The Masquerade licenseesThis group includes games based on the setting and rules of the pen-and-paper ...3
Ikusa Megami / Battle Goddess seriesA series of adult (hentai) Japanese-style RPGs.3
ICUPS missionsA loose collection of disparate games released by the same developers around ...3
Survivor licensees3
Laura Bow seriesGraphical adventure games by Sierra in the mystery idiom, featuring the ...3
Doritos Crash Course series3
Neighbors from Hell series3
Intellivision Lives! series3
Hegemonia series3
Polanie seriesSeries of real-time strategy games in a fantasy setting, from Polish developer ...3
Solstice series3
Crackdown seriesThe Crackdown games are a series of open world third person shooter games with ...3
Pole Position series3
BloodRayne seriesA series of games featuring the female vampire Rayne as the protagonist.There ...3
Hoshi Saga series3
M.U.L.E. gamesGames that include and/or represent the basic gameplay of M.U.L.E. M.U.L.E. is ...3
Hellboy licenseesGames based on Mike Mignola's Hellboy comics.3
Fenimore Fillmore seriesAdventure series from Spanish developer Revistronic, set in the American Old ...3
3D Engine: OrionGames using the Orion engine (original or modified) by Mind Blown Games.3
Flight Unlimited series3
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