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Disney's Dinosaur licenseesGames based on the 2000 Disney film Dinosaur.4
Dragon Master Silk seriesA series of first-person dungeon crawlers by Gimmick House, featuring an ...4
Northern Tale seriesA series of time-management games by Realore Studios about a Viking king named ...4
Waldo licenseesGames featuring Waldo, the character from children books created by the British ...4
Blokus licenseesGames based on the strategic board game.4
NES Remix series4
Famous Person: Albert EinsteinGames that feature a character (playable or NPC) portraying Albert ...4
Demon Hunter series4
Rockfall series4
Rocky and Bullwinkle licenseesGames based on the classic TV cartoon starring Rocky the Flying Squirrel and ...4
Chocolatier seriesA chocolate factory simulation series originally developed by Big Splash Games ...4
Muscle Car seriesA series of budget racing games from Global Star Software.4
Midtown Madness series4
PGA Championship Golf series4
Lionel licensees4
U.S. Navy Fighters series4
Dezaemon seriesA series of game creation software that lets players design their own games of ...4
Just Deserts series4
NUGA-CEL! seriesPorts and reissues of Idea Factory's cosplay simulation RPG NUGA-CEL! The title ...4
Hero Quest series4
Game Engine: CosmosGames using a version of the proprietary Cosmos game engine (original or ...4
Fictional character: Snow WhiteGames (literally or loosely) using the characters or setting of the Snow White ...4
Pharaoh series4
Hand of Fate series4
Star Fleet seriesThe Star Fleet games are a series of futuristic turn-based strategy games set ...4
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