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IndyCar Racing series3
UFHO series3
Lost Horizon series3
Berserk licenseesGames based on the popular Japanese Kenpuu Denki Berserk (剣風伝奇ベルセルク) manga or ...3
Junior Field Trips gamesHumongous' educational series aimed at children age 3-8 that allows them to ...3
Furry series3
Switchblade seriesHiro's side-view action fight against Havok3
New Yankee series3
Roogoo series3
California Games series3
Pete Sampras Tennis series3
Hellboy licenseesGames based on Mike Mignola's Hellboy comics.3
Exit seriesA series of games where the player must control Mr. Esc to rescue people from ...3
Celestial Vale universeTriptych Games' series of online pet games that take place in a world inhabited ...3
Luntik licenseesGames based on the Russian children's animated TV show, starring a creature ...3
Forsaken World series3
K-1 gamesGames based on the K-1 kickboxing franchise.3
Mario Andretti licenseesGames licensed after the Italian-born racer Mario Andretti.3
How To Train Your Dragon licenseesGames based on Dreamwork Animation's series of computer animated movies and ...3
Die drei series3
The Room series3
Smashy Road series3
Darkest Dungeon series3
Doshin series3
German Airports seriesA series of scenery add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 and 2002 ...3
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