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LEGO The Hobbit series3
Don't Starve series3
Neverland gamesGames set within the fictional world of Neverland (Spectral Force series, etc.) ...3
Jet Moto seriesJet Moto Series3
Madara licenseesGames based on the manga/animé series Madara.3
Raging Thunder seriesA series of mobile racing games3
Total Soccer series3
Arkedo seriesA series of small, unrelated games produced by Arkedo for the Xbox Live Indie ...3
The Treasures of Mystery Island seriesA series of adventure games from Alawar that take place on or around the ...3
Puzzle Boy seriesA series of puzzle games with gameplay similar to Soko-Ban. 3
EA Sports Superbike seriesA series of licensed racing games simulating the World Superbike championship, ...3
Wall Street Trader seriesA stock market simulation series originally developed by Monte Cristo ...3
Hole in One Golf series3
Thing on a Spring seriesGremlin's pair of platform games featuring the Thing on a Spring as playable ...3
Gaia Online gamesGames made for and integrated with Gaia Online, a social website revolving ...3
International Cricket Captain series3
Tap Sports Baseball series3
Pranksters series3
3D Engine: X-RayGames using a version X-Ray engine (original or modified) by GSC Game World.3
P.T.O. seriesKoei wargames simulating the Pacific War (World War 2).3
Pepper Pack compilationsFeaturing Novatis' Green Pepper Pepper Pack compilations.3
Power Chess seriesA chess game series by Sierra On-Line, Inc.3
MicroLink board game translationsMicrolink versions of popular dice games3
Hoshi no Suna Monogatari seriesA series of adult detective/mystery Japanese-style adventures by D.O..3
Scourge series3
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