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Organ Trail series4
Ori and the Blind Forest series3
Orm and Cheep seriesGames using the characters from the British children's puppet show on CITV that ...2
Osamu Tezuka licenseesGames based on comics and animation by Japan's most revered comics artist, ...6
Oscar the Balloonist series2
Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan / Elite Beat Agents seriesRhythm series from iNiS and Nintendo. People in trouble are aided by music and ...3
Other Venture seriesA series of interactive fiction, mainly by Jyym Pearson. The games use the same ...6
Otherworld series6
Otogi series2
Outcast series3
Outlast series3
Outlaw Golf series5
Outlaw Sports seriesAll the Outlaw sports games.8
Outlaws series3
Outlaw Volleyball series3
Out of the Park seriesThe Out of the Park Baseball series debuted with version 1 in 1999 and has seen ...4
Outpost Kaloki series2
Outpost series3
OutRun seriesSEGA's long-running series of route-forking competitive automobile-driving ...14
OverBlood series2
Overlord seriesA series of third-person action-adventure games developed by Triumph Studios ...8
Over the Hedge licenseesGames based on the 2006 animated film.6
Over the Reich series2
Overwatch series2
Oxyd seriesIn the Oxyd series of games the player controls a rolling ball and has to touch ...4
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