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The Badlands universeGames set in the desolate landscape of The Badlands, a universe thought up by ...6
Aircraft: Do 335 PfeilGames featuring the Dornier Do 335 Pfeil in a prominent role. -- from IL-2 ...6
Zoids licenseesGames based on the Tomy (now Takara-Tomy) toy franchise and later the anime ...6
Dungeon Explorer seriesThis group contains the games in the Dungeon Explorer series.6
ATV Offroad Fury seriesA series of offroad racing games where the players use ATVs (all-terrain ...6
RealSports seriesAtari's RealSports series of sports related games.6
Star Wars: Battlefront seriesParent Group Star Wars Licensees 6
Airwolf licenseesGames based on the television show Airwolf which originally aired from January ...6
Black / Matrix series6
Microsoft Golf versionsGolf games released by Microsoft.6
Games made in AmigaBASICGames written using AmigaBASIC, the Microsoft-developed BASIC dialect which ...6
East India Company series6
Dark Designs seriesA six-part suite of stock fantasy RPG tropes, composed of two distinct ...6
Automobile: BMW Z8Games where the player can drive the BMW Z8 and all its variants.Limitations ...6
3D Engine: RoadHogGames using a version of the proprietary RoadHog engine (original or modified) ...6
Memorial Series: SunsoftThis group gathers all of the releases in the Memorial Series: Sunsoft ...6
Animals: GoatsGames that feature goats as protagonists, or in an otherwise prominent role.6
Tales from the Borderlands series6
WWE 2K seriesWWE Games Developed by 2K Sports6
Mini Ninjas series6
Empire gamesGames based on the popular turn-based wargame.Related links Wikipedia: Empire ...6
EA Sports Rugby series6
Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Setting: Dark SunDark Sun games originally used the campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons ...6
3D Engine: CryEngine 4Games using the fourth generation of the CryEngine (original or modified) by ...6
Aero Fighters / Sonic Wings seriesTitles in the Aero Fighters / Sonic Wings series. The earlier games are ...6
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