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Let's Ride seriesSeries of horse themed games developed by Radon Labs where the player is ...6
WWE 2K seriesWWE Games Developed by 2K Sports6
NBA Playoffs seriesElectronic Arts series of basketball games. These games were the predecessor to ...6
Richard Scarry licenseesGames in this group feature an official license of Richard Scarry's children's ...6
Protagonist: TrollThis game group identifies games where the player-controlled main character or ...6
Anomaly series6
Nancy Drew: Double Dare seriesDouble Dare releases are two-game bundle releases containing two Nancy Drew ...6
Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? licensees6
Fighter Duel series6
Warriors Orochi series6
Hudson Best Collection seriesGame collection consisting of classic Hudson games on the Famicom for GameBoy ...6
Paper Mario seriesThe Paper Mario series, created by Intelligent Systems, have elements of RPGs ...6
Tower of Druaga seriesSeries of games spawned from the 1984 Tower of Druaga arcade game, by Namco.6
Chicken Shoot series6
The Berenstain Bears licenseesGames in this group have an official license of the Berenstain Bears children's ...6
Actua Soccer seriesThe Actua Soccer series consists of soccer simulations originally developed by ...6
Star Wars: Battlefront seriesParent Group Star Wars Licensees 6
Over the Hedge licenseesGames based on the 2006 animated film.6
Game Engine: UndumGames made using I.D. Millington's Undum framework for authoring ...6
3D Engine: AnvilGames using a version of the Anvil engine (original or modified) by Ubisoft ...6
Flying Dragon / Hiryū no Ken seriesA series of fighting games created by Culture Brain, often combining elements ...6
Perfect General series6
Grim Legends series6
Grey Alien Gams' Bonus gamesTile matching puzzle games made by Grey Alien Games. All of them contain the ...6
Galcon series6
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