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IndyCar Racing series3
IndyCar racing gamesGames which are centered around IndyCar racing. Includes both licensed and ...16
Industry Manager: Future Technologies series2
Industry Giant series8
IndieBox releasesThis group is for the IndieBox releases, which are released on a monthly basis. ...19
Indiana Jones licenseesAny game that is based on or an official licensee of the Indiana Jones ...32
Independence War series3
Independence Day licenseesGames based on the 1996 Roland Emmerich film.2
Incursion seriesThe Incursion games are tower defense games where the towers are shacks manned ...3
Incubation seriesContains games of the Battle Isle off-spring Incubation.5
Incremental games (Clicker / Idle)Incremental games are a very simple type of games where the main mechanic is to ...46
Incoming series4
Inca series4
Impressions Games' City Building series15
Impossible Mission seriesImpossible Mission series of games.4
Impossible Creatures series3
Impire series4
Imperium Romanum series5
Imperium Galactica series3
Imperialism seriesIn the games of the Imperialism game group, the player has the task to rule the ...2
imos LOFT series2
Immortal Cities series5
Immoral Study series3
I.M. Meen series2
iMahjong series2
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