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Bushido Blade seriesA pair of semi-realistic weapons-based fighting games produced by Square and ...2
Burnout seriesA series of fast-paced racing gaming set in an urban environment with a large ...11
Burning Metal seriesA series of car-combat racing games released by Norwegian developer Eye One AS.3
Burgertime variantsGames made in the hamburger-building fashion of Data East's Burgertime.9
Burgertime series8
Burger Rush seriesGames that combine the gameplay of the tile-matching and management genres, ...2
Burger Restaurant seriesSpil Games B.V.'s Burger Restaurant browser games, in which the player controls ...2
Burai series4
Burai Fighter series3
Bundesliga Manager seriesLong-running series of soccer management games by Software 2000, mainly ...9
Bumpy seriesLoriciels' platform series about the bouncy little head.2
Bully versions3
Bullet Candy series2
Bulldozer series2
Buku Sudoku series2
Build-a-lot series3
Buichi Terasawa licenseesGames based on the works of manga artist Buichi Terasawa.5
Bug! series2
Bugs Bunny licenseesGames featuring the wise-cracking Warner Bros Looney Tunes mascot Bugs Bunny as ...13
Bug Bash seriesA pair of action games from Mutation2
Buffy the Vampire Slayer licenseesGames based on the popular television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer ...5
Buddrick's Experiment seriesA series of action platform games themed around deadly prison experiments, ...2
Buck Rogers gamesGames that uses the licensed name or likeness of Buck Rogers; a fictional ...4
Bubsy seriesGames starring Bubsy the Bobcat5
Bubble Witch Saga series2
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