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Virtual Pool series5
Outlaw Golf series5
NBA Street seriesSeries of basket ball video games played on public street courts.5
Marathon seriesMarathon is a series of sci-fi first-person shooters by Bungie, which share a ...5
Kohan SeriesKohan is a series of real-time strategy games with role-playing elements, set ...5
TY the Tasmanian Tiger seriesGames featuring TY, the Tasmanian Tiger.5
Middleware: Fuse5
Hardwood seriesA series of card and board games originally developed by Silver Creek ...5
Interplay Star Trek adventuresInterplay's Star Trek games of the early 1990s combined classical adventure ...5
Nightfall Mysteries series5
Best of Arcade Games series5
Beat Hazard series5
Fat Princess series5
Amaranth seriesCreated by Fuga System, Amaranth is a series of Japanese RPGs with evolving ...5
3D Engine: Big Huge EngineGames using the proprietary Big Huge Engine, developed by Big Huge Games, Inc.5
Disney's Duck Tales gamesGames starring Scrooge McDuck that are set in Disney's Duck Tales setting.5
Asheron's Call seriesA series of fantasy MMORPGs. The first part of the series is Asheron's Call ...5
Rugby League series5
Boomerang Sports seriesSeries of Zeebo-exclusive sports games developed to be played exclusively with ...5
EVE Online universe5
Galaxy on Fire series5
Gameplay feature: Moving boards (in puzzle games)Games which feature a "moving" playfield appearing to simulate navigation, ...5
Jane's Combat Simulations ATF series5
Hungry Shark series5
Robotech seriesCreated by Harmony Gold in the 1980s, Robotech was made out of three mostly ...5
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