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F-15 Strike Eagle series7
EyeToy series9
Eye of the Beholder series1st-person dungeon-crawling AD&D-licensed RPG series set in the popular ...7
ExZeus gamesA series of rail shooters based on the arcade game ExZeus3
Extreme Sports SeriesA series of games marked with a specific "extreme" label which were made and ...9
Extreme Paintbrawl Series2
Extreme-G series4
Exploding Fist lineageBeat 'em ups connected to The Way of the Exploding Fist, either in gameplay or ...3
Experimental Gameplay Project: 10 Second gamesIn March of 2010, the project solicited mini-games engaging a theme of 10 ...3
Ex Machina seriesA series of truck racing, action, and merchant games set in a post-apocalyptic ...4
Exit seriesA series of games where the player must control Mr. Esc to rescue people from ...3
Exile / XZR seriesExile (エグザイル, also spelled "XZR") is a series of action role-playing games ...3
Exile series7
Exerion legacy2
Executable flash gamesGames created using the platform-independent Flash IDE (integrated development ...59
Excite Stage seriesA series of soccer games released by Epoch.2
Excite seriesSeries of extreme racing sport games by Nintendo.4
Excelsior series2
eXceed series3
Evolve series2
Evolution series3
Evochron seriesSeries of space trading and combat simulations from indie developer StarWraith.2
Evocation seriesA point-and-click adventure series.2
Evil Dead gamesGames based on or borrowing from the Evil Dead films with the protagonist Ash.7
EVE seriesA series of Japanese-style adventure games with detective/mystery and slight ...9
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