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Aircraft: Aichi D3AGames featuring the Aichi D3A (Allied reporting name "Val") in a prominent ...6
Aero Fighters / Sonic Wings seriesTitles in the Aero Fighters / Sonic Wings series. The earlier games are ...6
Dungeon Explorer seriesThis group contains the games in the Dungeon Explorer series.6
Blues Brothers seriesGames featuring the likeness of the "Blues Brothers" characters (played by Dan ...6
Pikmin seriesPikmin series of games.6
Four Great Games seriesCompilations published by MicroValue6
Gameplay feature: Optional Permadeath / Permanent DeathPermadeath (slang) is a game feature where the player controlled character is ...6
The Last Days of Gaia seriesThis game series contains the different versions of the game The Fall: Last ...6
Osamu Tezuka licenseesGames based on comics and animation by Japan's most revered comics artist, ...6
Konung series6
Discworld universeGames using the license of Terry Pratchett's Discworld fantasy novels.6
Keno gamesThis group includes all video game adaptations of Keno, in all its variations ...6
They Sold a Million series6
King Arthur seriesA series of games closely related to the King Arthur mythos. Typically, they ...6
Fly! series6
Pro Pinball seriesThe Pro Pinball games are a series of pinball simulators from Cunning ...6
Tribes seriesTribes is a series of first-person shooters set in the Metaltech universe, ...6
Cities in Motion series6
Fighter Duel series6
Oregon Trail seriesA series of educational games. Most games in the series involve players taking ...6
Justice League licenseesGames featuring DC Comics' Justice League (JLA) team originally created by or ...6
Crosscountry series6
Lips series6
Thomas the Tank Engine licenseesGames based around the cartoon trains and other vehicles6
3D Engine: BEARDGames using a version of the BEARD 3D engine (original or modified), a ...6
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