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Power Chess seriesA chess game series by Sierra On-Line, Inc.3
Hoshi no Suna Monogatari seriesA series of adult detective/mystery Japanese-style adventures by D.O..3
Homeplanet series3
Conduit series3
Super Skidmarks games3
Technobabylon series3
Crystal Key series3
Sound Novel Evolution seriesChunsoft's series of sound novels for PlayStation.3
Snood series3
Middleware: Bigworld Technology SuiteGames using a version of the BigWorld, originally created out of research at ...3
All Star Pro-Wrestling series3
Nightmare Collection seriesA series of horror-themed Japanese-style adventure games by Fairytale.3
M.A.X. series3
Sublogic Flight Simulator seriesBruce Artwick's original flight simulators which were the foundation for ...3
Lipstick Adventure seriesA series of detective/mystery Japanese-style adventure games with mild adult ...3
Chemicus series3
3D Engine: HPL 2Games using the second generation of the HPL engine (original or modified) by ...3
Space Channel games3
Genre: Sports - BullfightingGames that deal with the tradition of bullfighting (or tauromachy), usually ...3
Panic Bomber seriesA series of puzzle games based on the Hudson Soft's Bomberman franchise.3
Sonic Blast Man series3
Shienryu series3
Lethal Weapon licenseesGames based on the buddy cop movie series.3
Routes gamesRoutes game and port/release variations.3
Award Winners seriesEmpire Interactive's game bundle release series.3
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