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6 Great Games compilationsA series of compilations by Encore Software.2
Johnny Platform seriesA series of retro-style puzzle platform games staring the coffee-loving Johnny ...2
Game Engine: Adventure Programming EngineAccolade's ~1990 adventure game engine cloning the look and feel of Sierra's ...2
Cactus McCoy series2
Chronicles of Riddick series2
Game Over seriesA pair of action games from Dinamic2
America Ōdan Ultra Quiz licenseesGames based on the Japanese game show.2
Today I Die series2
Maces and Magic seriesA trilogy of whimsical fantasy text adventure games for 8-bit computers ...2
HappyLand Adventures series2
Burger Rush seriesGames that combine the gameplay of the tile-matching and management genres, ...2
Outlaws series2
Sin and Punishment seriesA series of railshooters for Nintendo platforms.2
CSR series2
Derby Stallion seriesA series of horse racing simulation games.2
Horse Racing Manager series2
Guardic legacyCompile's strategy shooters for the MSX and NES.2
Conquered Kingdoms series2
Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Setting: GreyhawkThe campaign setting of Greyhawk was first used by Dungeons & Dragons guru Gary ...2
Cadaver series2
Art of Balance series2
Stryker's Run series2
Alpha Mission / ASO series2
T.D.F. seriesA series of turn-based strategy games by Data West in which player-controlled ...2
Trigger series2
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