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Global Conflicts seriesA series of educational games developed by Serious Games Interactive that ...2
Assault Heroes seriesA series of futuristic top-down shooters. 2
Shank series2
LoveChess seriesInterstudio's suite of chess simulations themed around erotic exchanges in ...2
Die Fugger series2
Monster Madness series2
Blinx series2
Frenzy Island2
Noah's Adventures seriesSeries of games based on the Noah's Ark biblical story.2
Bloodwych series2
Street Sk8er series2
CellFactor series2
F-1 Spirit legacy2
6 Great Games compilationsA series of compilations by Encore Software.2
Johnny Platform seriesA series of retro-style puzzle platform games staring the coffee-loving Johnny ...2
Cactus McCoy series2
Danmaku Unlimited seriesA series of action shooters made in the style of Japanese vertically scrolling ...2
Game Over seriesA pair of action games from Dinamic2
Beat the House series2
Maces and Magic seriesA trilogy of whimsical fantasy text adventure games for 8-bit computers ...2
Konami Collector's seriesThis group contains Konami's classic game compilations.2
Warriors of Dimension X2
Shadow Struggle / Critical Blow seriesPair of 3D fighting games produced by Banpresto / Racdym, connected by story ...2
ranTrainer seriesSoccer simulation games originally published by Greenwood Entertainment ...2
Leather Goddesses of Phobos series2
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