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Gauntlet seriesAtari's long-lived franchise of multiplayer top-down fantasy dungeon romps, ...13
Bugs Bunny licenseesGames featuring the wise-cracking Warner Bros Looney Tunes mascot Bugs Bunny as ...13
Automobile: Porsche 959Games in which you can drive the Porsche 959.Limitations The car must be ...13
3D Engine: TheEngineGames using a version of the TheEngine engine (original or modified), developed ...13
Mystery Trackers series13
Putt-Putt seriesChildren's games featuring as the main character the anthropomorphic automobile ...13
Theatre of War series13
Aircraft: Messerschmitt Bf 110Games featuring the Messerschmitt Bf 110 in a prominent role.Limitations If the ...13
SpellForce seriesSpellForce games are a mixture of role-playing and real-time strategy. The ...13
Talonsoft's Campaign series Talonsoft's series of turn based tactical strategy games carrying the Campaign ...13
Mega Man / Rockman X seriesA spin-off of the Mega Man series of games, which takes place approximately a ...13
Armored Core seriesA long-running series of mech combat games from FromSoftware, with a heavy ...13
Super Solvers seriesA set of educational games released by the Learning Company13
The Lord of the Rings Online series13
Dark Parables seriesThe Dark Parable games are hidden object games, which also contains simple ...13
Sony MLB seriesSony's series of baseball games licensed by Major League Baseball. From 1999 to ...13
Theme: HalloweenGames centered around the yearly celebration of Halloween. Only the games which ...13
Shining Force seriesShining Force Series13
Aircraft: RAF S.E.5Games featuring the Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5 (in both its S.E.5a and S.E.5b ...13
Toy Story licensees13
Suchie-Pai seriesGames that are part of the Suchie-Pai series, which features the titular ...13
R-Type series13
Fable seriesFable is a series of RPGs created by Lionhead Studios. Typically, Fable games ...13
Theme: Mental facility / AsylumGames that feature centers for mental health in a prominent role. 13
Xuanyuan Jian seriesXuanyuan Jian (traditional Chinese 軒轅劍, simplified Chinese 轩辕剑, "The Sword of ...13
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