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Constructor series5
Bob the Builder licensees5
Gabriel Knight seriesA series of puzzle-solving adventure games, originally designed by Jane Jensen ...5
College Hoops 2K series5
Gex series5
Comprehend GamesGraphical text adventure games written (and re-written) using Polarware's ...5
Torment series5
Kurushi / Intelligent Qube series5
Mahjong Taikai seriesA series of mahjong games in which the player competes against historical ...5
Space Taxi variantsGames that copy the basic ideas of Space Taxi, where the idea is to transport ...5
Breath of Fire seriesBreath of Fire is a series of Japanese-style role-playing games by Capcom. The ...5
Shadow Hearts seriesA series of Japanese-style role-playing games notable for their historical ...5
Superhot series5
Agon Episodic Adventures seriesThe AGON Episodic Adventures series tells the story of Professor Samuel Hunt ...5
Namco MotoGP seriesIn April 2007, Capcom acquired the license until 2012.5
Enlight's Empire seriesManagarial simulation games from Enlight bearing the Empire title.5
Mega Man Star Force / Ryūsei no Rockman seriesMega Man Star Force (Ryūsei no Rockman) is a series of games featuring two main ...5
Speedball seriesA series of futuristic sports games by the Bitmap Brothers about the violent ...5
The Raven series5
Incubation seriesContains games of the Battle Isle off-spring Incubation.5
Aircraft: Mil Mi-24Games featuring the Mil Mi-24 (NATO reporting name: Hind) attack helicopter in ...5
Tank: JagdtigerGames in which players can command the Jagdtiger (AKA Panzerjäger Tiger Ausf. ...5
Magic Carpet series5
Battletoads seriesGames featuring the Battletoads characters Zitz, Pimple, and Rash, along with ...5
Top Gear Rally series5
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