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First Queen seriesMostly unrelated to each other story-wise, these games are a blend of RPG-style ...5
First Kiss Story series2
Fire Pro Wrestling series12
FireFly Studios' Stronghold seriesThe Stronghold series by FireFly Studios is a series of games set in the Middle ...22
Firefall groupThis group is for the massively-multiplayer online sci-fi shooter Firefall, its ...5
Fire Emblem seriesFire Emblem (ファイアーエムブレム) is a series of tactical role-playing games by ...70
Fire Department seriesThe Fire Department series by Monte Cristo focuses on fire fighting with a ...5
Fire and Forget series3
Finding Nemo licenseesGames based on the 2003 Pixar film Finding Nemo.6
Final Zone series2
Final Romance series4
Final Match Tennis seriesA series of tennis games by Human Entertainment, Inc.3
Final Lap seriesFormula 1 racing games from the Final Lap franchise by Namco.3
Final Fight seriesCapcom's series of brawling games revolving around Metro City citizens Cody, ...8
Final Fantasy X seriesFinal Fantasy X had the first direct sequel in video game form of the Final ...8
Final Fantasy VII gamesArguably the most popular installment in the famous RPG series Final Fantasy, ...6
Final Fantasy Tactics seriesAll Final Fantasy tactics titles, based upon the Final Fantasy license.5
Final Fantasy seriesThis group includes the main (numbered) Final Fantasy games. One of the most ...66
Final Fantasy Online series This group contains the massively multiplayer online role-playing games in the ...25
Final Fantasy IV gamesThis group contains games that are related directly to the original Final ...17
Final Fantasy gamesThis game group includes all games under the Final Fantasy license. Trivia: ...195
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles seriesA sub-series of Final Fantasy games which have a shared title, world, design, ...5
Filler / 7 Colors variantsPuzzle games taking place on a board divided into cells of various colors, ...8
Fighting Force series3
Fighting Fantasy series2
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