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Captive seriesA series of science-fiction role-playing games.2
Captain Tsubasa licenseesGames based on the anime/manga series Captain Tsubasa by Yōichi Takahashi.2
Captain Speaking series2
Captain Planet licenseesGames based around the ecologically-friendly left-wing cartoon teaching ...4
Captain Gysi series2
Captain Comic series2
Captain Blood series3
Captain America licenseesGames featuring Marvel Comics' patriotic superhero Captain America (Steve ...6
Capri Saga gamesThe so-called Capri Saga consists of a series of adventure games set on the ...3
Capitalism seriesEnlight Software's series of business simulation games, in which the player is ...4
Capcom vs. SNK seriesThe two Japanese classic fighting games companies confront each other not only ...8
Capcom's MotoGP series3
Capcom Generation seriesCapcom's series of classic compilations for PlayStation and Saturn.6
Capcom Classics Collection series5
Capcom Arcade Cabinet series7
Cannon Fodder series3
Candy Box series2
Can Can Bunny seriesThe eroge series Can Can Bunny (きゃんきゃんバニー) by Cocktail Soft originated on ...7
Campaign series5
Cameron Files Mystery seriesA series of adventure games with the protagonist Cameron. A third game in the ...3
Cameltry seriesGames based on the Cameltry arcade game made by Taito in 1989. The goal of the ...3
Cal series5
Call of Juarez series5
Call of Duty seriesGames belonging to the Call of Duty franchise. Originally set only during World ...88
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare seriesThe Modern Warfare series is an offshoot of the Call of Duty franchise, but ...27
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