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Automobile: Porsche 914Games where the player can drive the Porsche 914. Includes all variants: 914/4, ...7
UMS seriesIntergalactic Development Incorporated's series of universal military ...7
Rome: Total War seriesTotal War games specific to the Rome series.7
Trophy Bass gamesSierra's Trophy Bass games7
Skunny series7
Jak & Daxter seriesThe adventures of the PlayStation heroines Jak and a ottsel named Daxter on a ...7
Virtual Skipper seriesGames in the Virtual skipper series originally developed by Duran but continued ...7
Physical Bonus Content: Mobile Phone CharmGames which include a cell phone strap as a part of the package, not as a bonus ...7
Tecmo Bowl series7
Laxius Power seriesLaxius Power started as a freeware game in 2001 and evolved as a commercial ...7
Hammerin' Harry legacy7
Eldorado Gate seriesA role-playing game (RPG) that contains seven separately released volumes.7
Fantasy Zone series7
Jigsaws Galore / Puzzle Master seriesVersions and re-releases of the jigsaw-puzzle game Jigsaws Galore, also ...7
3D Engine: LS3DGames using the LS3D engine (original or modified) by Illusion Softworks, a.s.7
Chronicles of Narnia gamesBased on C.S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia series or its setting.7
Gunship seriesA modern military helicopter flight simulation series by MicroProse.7
Black Mirror seriesThe Black Mirror games are dark adventure games which deal with the secrects of ...7
Battle Chess series7
Michael Jackson licenseesGames licensed/endorsed by the pop musician Michael Jackson.7
Great sports seriesThe 'Great' series made by Sega for the Master System7
Peggle series7
3D Engine: SlayerGames using the Slayer engine (original or modified), developed in-house by The ...7
NBA Shootout series7
Secret Files / Geheimakte seriesAdventure game series by German developers Fusionsphere Systems and Animation ...7
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