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Outlaw Golf series5
Final Fantasy Tactics seriesAll Final Fantasy tactics titles, based upon the Final Fantasy license.5
Super Ski series5
Gameplay feature: Licensed restaurant / café / store / etc.This group should contain games which feature life-like versions of actual ...5
Middleware: Phoenix VRGames using a version of the Phoenix VR middleware, developed by 4X ...5
Mega Man / Rockman Zero seriesThe Mega Man Zero series is a spinoff of the Mega Man/Rockman X series of ...5
Area 51 series5
Ratatouille licenseesGames based on the 2007 Pixar film Ratatouille.5
Superhot series5
Killer Instinct series5
Shadow of the Beast seriesShadow of the Beast series5
Mysterious Stars series5
Bloons series5
Rocky licenseesGames based on the movies about the boxer Rocky Balboa.5
Sly Cooper series5
Slayers licenseesGames based on the anime and light novel series Slayers, created by Hajime ...5
Virtual Pool series5
Keisan Game seriesA series of Japanese educational games that aimed to aid children in learning ...5
Spellcasting seriesSteve Meretzky's trilogy of magic-themed collegiate text ...5
Valis XIncludes the five separately released episodes of Valis X, a hentai adventure ...5
Nectaris/Military Madness seriesSeries of futuristic turn-based strategy games from Hudson Soft. In the United ...5
Torment series5
IF Comp 2007 entrantsGames created for, and initially released as part of, the 13th annual ...5
POD seriesA futuristic racing series by Ubisoft.5
Viper V seriesThe series includes all the Viper games that feature the letter "V" after the ...5
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