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Curious George licenseesGames based on the Curious George childrens' book character.8
Glulx gamesGames, typically text adventures or works of interactive fiction, compiled ...8
Ninja Jajamaru-kun seriesA series of games featuring Jaleco's little red ninja.8
Threes! variantsPuzzle games based on the concept of the pattern matching title Threes!.8
Sumo wrestling gamesGames primarily concerned with this Japanese martial art.8
Steel Panthers series8
Software 2000 artventures(The "Artventures" is not a misspelling.)8
Five Star Games seriesA series of compilations from Beau Jolly.8
Life Is Strange series8
3D Engine: YETIGames using a version of the YETI engine (original or modified), by Ubisoft. ...8
Automobile: Toyota YarisGames where the player can drive the Toyota Yaris and all its ...8
Aircraft: Su-25 FrogfootGames featuring the Sukhoi Su-25 (NATO reporting name: Frogfoot) in a prominent ...8
EA F1 seriesEA Sports F1 series of racing simulation games.8
Aircraft: Fokker E.IIIGames featuring the Fokker E.III in a prominent role.Limitations If the ...8
Emergency Life Fighters series8
Skyrim seriesIncludes The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and its expansion packs.8
EA Cricket series8
Sven Bømwøllen gamesGames featuring the sheep Sven Bømwøllen.8
Automobile: Lamborghini HuracánGames where the player can drive the Lamborghini Huracán and all its ...8
Zoo Tycoon 2 seriesThis group includes Zoo Tycoon 2 and the expansion-packs that were released for ...8
Snowy the Bear gamesThese games are all about Snowy the Bear and his adventures in and out of Bear ...8
Historical conflict: War of 1812Games that are set (or contain campaigns/scenarios) during the War of 1812 (18 ...8
Panel de Pon/Puzzle League gamesA series of puzzle games developed by Intelligent Systems. In these games, ...8
V tylu vraga series Best Way's World War II strategy series, published in Russia under the title ...8
Capcom vs. SNK seriesThe two Japanese classic fighting games companies confront each other not only ...8
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