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194x seriesThe 194x series consists of World War II shoot 'em ups by Capcom. They ...14
Virtua Fighter seriesSega's flagship 3D fighting franchise. In which motion-captured martial artists ...14
TIGSource VGNG competitionThe TIGSource website challenged indie developers to come up with games ...14
Yahtzee variantsLicensed and unlicensed computer conversions of the Milton Bradley-Hasbro dice ...14
Zoo Tycoon series14
Sierra/Papyrus NASCAR series14
Genre: Motorsport managementGames that put the player in charge of a racing team, be it Formula 1 or ...14
Shinobi seriesSEGA's long-running series of ninja-themed games, early on featuring Joe ...14
Automobile: Ferrari 550Games in which you can drive the Ferrari 550 and all its variants.Limitations ...14
Covermount: PC ActionGames featured as covermounts for PC Action, a German magazine.14
Kick Off seriesA series of action-orientated football (soccer) games, created by Dino Dini and ...14
Mafia seriesMafia is a series of 3rd-person action games developed by 2K Czech (formerly ...14
Audio gamesWith any optional visual content rendered redundant by the sound cues provided ...14
4 Most series14
Microsoft Windows operating systemsMicrosoft Windows OS versions (and OS upgrades) with included games.14
Psygnosis/Sony Formula One series14
Aircraft: B-2 SpiritGames featuring the Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit in a prominent ...14
Middleware: SimplygonGames using a version of the Simplygon 3D optimization system by Donya ...14
Middleware: NGLNGL is an in-house rendering engine and cross-platform graphics library ...14
F.E.A.R. seriesThe F.E.A.R. games are a series of horror-themed first-person shooters ...14
Pferd & Pony seriesSeries of horse themed games developed by Radon Labs GmbH where the player is ...14
Fitness gamesGames centered around physical activity (usually with peripherals) that are ...14
Ace Combat seriesA series of combat flight simulators developed by Namco.TriviaIn April 2008 ...14
Namco High series14
Commander Keen seriesCommander Keen is a series of platform games developed by id Software. The ...14
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