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Setting: Axis victory in World War IIThis group contains games which completely or partially take place in an ...5
The Godfather gamesGames based on the movie The Godfather and its sequels.5
Rabi Laby series5
Space Taxi variantsGames that copy the basic ideas of Space Taxi, where the idea is to transport ...5
SUDS gamesSUDS (Single User Dungeon System) is a free, visual Windows-only Interactive ...5
Namco MotoGP seriesIn April 2007, Capcom acquired the license until 2012.5
Love Hina gamesGames based on the popular Japanese manga written and illustrated by Ken ...5
Unnkulian Unventure series5
Game Engine: InglishThe Inglish system was developed for Beam Software's 1982 adaptation of The ...5
GW seriesA series of games for the iPhone/iPod Touch by Aaron Ardiri. All games are ...5
Gaijin's Blades series5
Roads of Rome series5
Survival Kids / Lost in Blue series5
3D Engine: MassTechGames using a version of the MassTech engine (original or modified) by Massive ...5
Magic Carpet series5
Top Gear Rally series5
Tank: M5 StuartGames in which players can command the M5 Stuart light tank (and its upgraded ...5
Pole Position series5
Valkyria Chronicles series5
Carriers at War series5
Clive Barker licenseesAny game adapting or using the licensed likenesses of any characters from Clive ...5
Tank: ISGames in which players can command the IS (AKA IS-2) heavy tank (and its ...5
MLB SlugFest series5
Constructor series5
Game Engine: FPS CreatorGames made with the FPS Creator toolkit, which was created by The Game Creators ...5
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