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Black Mirror seriesThe Black Mirror games are dark adventure games which deal with the secrects of ...7
Dr. Brain series7
Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective seriesThe initial FMV computer presentation, as well as later compilations and ...7
Sonic & All-Stars Racing series7
Manchester United gamesGames licensed around Manchester United Football club. This may involve using ...7
Dune II seriesThe real-time strategy games from Westwood, set in the Dune universe and ...7
Samantha Swift seriesA series of hidden object games from MumboJumbo, LLC7
Nintendo's Action seriesNorth American Nintendo Entertainment System games that were marked with the ...7
Sonic Adventure series7
Mega Games seriesCompilations of games that were bundled with Megadrive in Europe. Some of them ...7
The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth seriesGroup of RTS games based on the works of J.R.R. Tolkien and the trilogy of ...7
Drawn series7
Care Bears licenseesThe Care Bears was a popular 80s cartoon and toy line created by American ...7
Meine Tierarztpraxis seriesA German series of veterinary and animal care games aimed at children developed ...7
Tak series7
Weird Park seriesA series of point-and-click/hidden object adventure games centering on an evil, ...7
Growlanser series7
Crazy Taxi series7
The Journeyman Project seriesThe Journeyman Project is a trilogy of first-person, science fiction adventure ...7
Chronicles of Narnia gamesBased on C.S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia series or its setting.7
Hidden Expedition seriesA series of hidden object games created by Big Fish Games.7
Middleware: Menus MasterGames using a version of Menus Master, a user interface (UI) authoring ...7
Klonoa series7
No One Lives Forever seriesThe series of first-person shooters includes the original The Operative: No One ...7
Digital Illusions Pinball seriesThe Pinball games made by Sweden's Digital Illusions team7
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