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Space Hulk seriesThe Space Hulk games are a video game adaption of the board game called Space ...4
Space Hunter seriesMiciosegone series of adventure games that take place in Trashopolis.2
Space Invaders licenseesDenotes any game that uses the officially-licensed Space Invaders concept and ...24
Space Invaders variantsDenotes any game that uses the gameplay concepts introduced in Space Invaders, ...87
Space Pilot seriesA series of clones of Time Pilot, written by Henrik Wening.3
Space Quest seriesSpace Quest is a series of comedy adventure games developed by Sierra. The ...18
Space Rangers series5
Space seriesEarly science fiction roleplaying series for the Apple II, published by EduWare.2
Space Shuttle gamesGames that put the player in command of a Space Shuttle orbiter.Related links ...18
Space Taxi series2
Space Taxi variantsGames that copy the basic ideas of Space Taxi, where the idea is to transport ...4
Spaceward Ho! series2
Spacewar! gamesVariants of the original Spacewar! 2D space combat simulator, inspired by the ...11
Sparkle series2
Spartan X seriesGames based on Jackie Chan's movie, Spartan X.3
Spawn licenseesGames based on Todd McFarlane's comic book character Spawn.Parent Group ...5
Spear of Destiny seriesA series of WWII themed first-person shooter (FPS) games based off the ...8
Special version releasesThis group focuses on Special, Collector's, Platinum, Limited, Augmented and ...57
Spec Ops series12
Spectral Force series2
Spectral Souls series1
Spectre series4
Spectrobes seriesThis group gathers all of the games in the Spectrobes series.2
Speedball seriesA series of futuristic sports games by the Bitmap Brothers about the violent ...5
Speed Busters / Speed Devil series3
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