User review spotlight: Carmageddon (DOS). Released in 1997.

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Carriers at War series3
Carrier Command seriesA series of action/strategy games.3
Carol Reed Mysteries seriesCarol Reed Mysteries are adventure games by Swedish developers MDNA Games. An ...11
Carnivores series4
Carnage Heart seriesA series of robot-programming games from Artdink, which includes the ...2
Carmen Sandiego seriesIncludes all titles based off of (and including) the original "Where in the ...17
Carmageddon seriesAny game that is directly descended from the Carmageddon line of games.11
Carl Lewis licenseesGames licensed/endorsed by Carl Lewis.3
Car Jacker series2
Care Bears licenseesThe Care Bears was a popular 80s cartoon and toy line created by American ...6
Cardcaptor Sakura licensees3
Carcassonne licenseesLicensed games based on the board game Carcassonne.Related links Wikipedia: ...9
Captive seriesA series of science-fiction role-playing games.2
Captain Tsubasa licenseesGames based on the anime/manga series Captain Tsubasa by Yƍichi Takahashi.2
Captain Speaking series2
Captain Planet licenseesGames based around the ecologically-friendly left-wing cartoon teaching ...4
Captain Gysi series2
Captain Comic series2
Captain Blood series3
Captain America licenseesGames featuring Marvel Comics' patriotic superhero Captain America (Steve ...6
Capri Saga gamesThe so-called Capri Saga consists of a series of adventure games set on the ...4
Capitalism seriesEnlight Software's series of business simulation games, in which the player is ...4
Capcom vs. SNK seriesThe two Japanese classic fighting games companies confront each other not only ...8
Capcom's MotoGP series3
Capcom Generation seriesCapcom's series of classic compilations for PlayStation and Saturn.6
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