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Genre: Sport - Lacrosse1
Genre: SniperGames with exclusive or primary focus on using sniper rifles.31
Genre: Sliding block / tile puzzleGames which feature sliding puzzles, also known as sliding block or sliding ...89
Genre: Six degrees of freedomGames where the majority of movement is based on the concept of six degrees of ...18
Genre: Simulation - Zoo / Wildlife parkThis group include simulation games in which the player is able to build, ...35
Genre: Simulation - TV stationGames where the player manages a TV station. 8
Genre: Simulation - Train drivingSimulators where the player gets to drive trains that are realistically ...72
Genre: Simulation - Traffic networkGames focusing on the creation or usage of traffic networks, most frequently ...92
Genre: Simulation - Space trading and combatThis group includes predominantly free-form, exploration-based games that ...69
Genre: Simulation - Space combatThis group includes games that simulate space combat. The degree of realism in ...85
Genre: Simulation - PoliticalThis group includes games that simulate political activities, both domestic and ...71
Genre: Simulation - PetGames that simulate interaction between the player and a virtual pet animal. ...86
Genre: Simulation - Nuclear power plantGames simulating the operation of a nuclear power plant.4
Genre: Simulation - MusicPerforming arts games let the player take part in music simulations and become ...104
Genre: Simulation - MedicalGames that have to do with a variety of professions or themes directly related ...55
Genre: Simulation - Human lifeThis groups includes games that attempt to simulate human life. The amount of ...121
Genre: Simulation - FarmingGames where farming is the primary representation of gameplay. The player ...56
Genre: Simulation - CookingAny game where cooking (or other forms of food preparation) is a central ...29
Genre: Simulation - City buildingCity Building games identify its primary gameplay as the construction, ...98
Genre: Simulation - Castle / Fortress buildingGames where the primary or a significant part of gameplay consists of the ...15
Genre: Simulation - Animal life / Biological Unlike human life simulations, biological simulations simulate animal life in ...36
Genre: Simulation - Animal competitionsGames that simulate the breeding, care, and training of one or more show ...29
Genre: Simulation - Air traffic controlGames where the player gets to direct aircraft traffic of an airport.32
Genre: Side scrolling run and gunRun and gun (or "run 'n' gun") is a sub genre of shoot 'em up where the player ...28
Genre: Scrolling shoot 'em upThe genre commonly referred to as "shoot 'em up" (often abbreviated to shmup) ...885
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