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Sea Dogs gamesThe Sea Dog series of pirate games from Akella.7
10 Great Games seriesA series of compilations from Gremlin Graphics.7
Super Sonico gamesGames featuring Nitroplus' mascot character Super Sonico, a busty pink-haired ...7
Tecmo Bowl series7
Laxius Power seriesLaxius Power started as a freeware game in 2001 and evolved as a commercial ...7
3D Engine: SlayerGames using the Slayer engine (original or modified), developed in-house by The ...7
Adventure Games Live seriesSeries of text-based adventure multiple-choice games written in the Smash ...7
Magical Drop series7
Virtua Tennis series7
Mortal Kombat X series7
Automobile: Porsche 550Games where the player can drive the Porsche 550 and all its ...7
Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X seriesA series of action-oriented flight simulations developed by Ubisoft SRL.7
Samantha Swift seriesA series of hidden object games from MumboJumbo, LLC7
Law & Order series7
Ivalice universeGames set in the universe of Ivalice, a fictional location conceived by Yasumi ...7
Drawn series7
3x3 Eyes licenseesThis group contains games based on the Japanese manga series 3x3 Eyes by Yuzo ...7
Caesar series7
.hack seriesGames belonging to the "dot hack" RPG series7
Trophy Bass gamesSierra's Trophy Bass games7
3D Engine: KrassEngineGames using the KrassEngine (original or modified) by Massive Development GmbH.7
Digimon Adventure seriesRPGs based on the animé series "Digimon"7
Dungeon of the Endless seriesThe Dungeon of the Endless games are roguelike-like tower defense game. The ...7
Genre: Alternate reality gameAn alternate reality game, or ARG, is a type of game in which the real world is ...7
Blood seriesBlood is a series of first-person shooters developed by Monolith Productions. ...7
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