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Gran Turismo series16
Superman licenseesGames starring the DC Comics hero, Superman. Games where he merely makes a ...16
Aircraft: RAH-66 ComancheGames featuring the Boeing/Sikorsky RAH-66 Comanche in a prominent ...16
Veterinary gamesSimilar to the Medical Simulations group in nature, these games focus on the ...16
Gameplay feature: Tower of Hanoi puzzleGames in this group feature the 1883 puzzle Tower of Hanoi either as the entire ...16
NeoGeo Online collectionsThis is a series of classic NeoGeo games. re-released by SNK Playmore, for the ...16
Inspiration: Book - Shuihuzhuan / Water MarginGames based on, or inspired by the Chinese novel Water Margin (simplified ...16
The Flintstones licenseesGames licensed around the characters of the modern stone-age family, from the ...16
3-D Ultra seriesGames by Sierra On-Line/Dynamix bearing the 3D-Ultra label. 16
Pitfall seriesSeries of games featuring the exploits of Indiana Jones-style ...16
TrackMania games17
Aircraft: F4F WildcatGames featuring the Grumman F4F Wildcat in a prominent role.Limitations If the ...17
Protagonist: ElfThis game group identifies games where the player-controlled main character or ...17
Automobile: Lister StormGames in which you can drive the Lister Storm.Limitations The car must be ...17
Final Fantasy IV gamesThis group contains games that are related directly to the original Final ...17
subLOGIC's Flight Simulator scenery add-onsSubLOGIC's add-on packages containing additional scenery (terrain, airports, ...17
Tom & Jerry gamesGames featuring Hanna-Barbera's animated cartoon cat (Tom) & mouse (Jerry) duo.17
X: Beyond the Frontier universeThe X-Universe, created by Egosoft and encompassing video games, novels, and ...17
Galaxian variantsGalaxian, developed by Namco in 1979, was the first major evolution in ...17
Dizzy seriesThe adventures of Dizzy, the egg-shaped hero of the Yolkfolk. Designed by the ...17
Rail Simulator / RailWorks series17
Creatures series17
Digimon gamesGames based upon or heavily refering to Bandai's Digimon (Digital Monsters), ...17
10 Computer Hits seriesA series of compilations from Beau Jolly.17
Far Cry seriesFar Cry is a series of first-person 3D shooters. The first game in the series ...17
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