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Metaltech / Earthsiege seriesMetaltech/EarthSiege is a series of mech simulation games, the foundation of a ...6
Love Live! School Idol Paradise series6
Nippon Ichi Jigsaw seriesA series of jigsaw puzzle games produced by Nippon Ichi Software, which give ...6
Theme Park series6
Panzer Dragoon seriesPanzer Dragoon is a series of games united by a common setting and revolving ...6
Zero Escape series6
Sorry! games6
Paperboy series6
Hannah Montana licensees6
RealSports seriesAtari's RealSports series of sports related games.6
Der Planer seriesThis is a series of simulations in which the player manages a transportation ...6
Animals: BatsGames that feature bats as protagonists, or in an otherwise prominent role.6
Aircraft: Aichi D3AGames featuring the Aichi D3A (Allied reporting name "Val") in a prominent ...6
Lifeline series6
Over the Hedge licenseesGames based on the 2006 animated film.6
True Golf Classics series6
Micro League Sports series6
The Talos Principle series6
Games made in AmigaBASICGames written using AmigaBASIC, the Microsoft-developed BASIC dialect which ...6
Need for Speed: The Run seriesThis group consists of versions of Need for Speed: The Run, available through ...6
Suikoden seriesSuikoden - originally Gensō Suikoden (Japanese: 幻想水滸伝), translated as "Fantasy ...6
Launch title: PlayStation 2 (Japan)Games that were available for the Japanese launch of the PlayStation 2 on March ...6
I Love My series6
Dark Designs seriesA six-part suite of stock fantasy RPG tropes, composed of two distinct ...6
Tecmo's Deception seriesThis is a series of RPG's that involves trapping and killing innocent people.6
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