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Fat Princess series5
Guacamelee! seriesA series of Metroidvania platformers5
Game Engine: AGASTThis group is for games made using the freeware adventure game development ...5
Frogs / Frog Bog / Frogs and Flies variantsGames featuring gameplay involving players controlling a frog who hops between ...5
DX-Ball series5
MDK seriesMDK (see the trivia section of the first game for possible meanings of this ...5
Genre: Board game - Black BoxBlack Box is a board game that was invented by Eric Solomon in the 1970s. It ...5
AMF Bowling seriesA series of bowling games published by Mud Duck Productions.5
Mad Max licenseesGames based on the characters and/or films in the Mad Max franchise.5
Automobile: Audi R10 TDIGames where the player can drive the Audi R10 TDI race car.Limitations The car ...5
Hunter's Trophy seriesA series of hunting game developed by Kylotonn.5
Rush series5
Setting: City - ShanghaiGames in which at least part of the setting is the city of Shanghai, China. The ...5
Millennium seriesMillennium is an episodic series of RPG starring Marine, her cousin Benoit and ...5
D.A. Pursuit of Justice legacyLegacy Interactive's Pursuit of Justice law simulation adventure games5
POD seriesA futuristic racing series by Ubisoft.5
UFO seriesThe UFO series of tactical strategy games released by Cenega Publishing.5
Run Like Hell! series5
Angelique Games Koei's Angelique games are among the few examples of dating-oriented titles ...5
Middleware: NavpowerGames using a version of Navpower, an AI middleware solution developed by ...5
Transport Giant series5
Narborion series5
Battle Islands group5
Drawn to Life series5
Ultimate Soccer Manager seriesImpressions Games series of football managing games. The series are known for ...5
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