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Cybernoid seriesThe bounty-retrieving shoot 'em up series from Raf Cecco3
Cybernetic Hi-School / Dennōgakuen seriesGainax's series of strip quiz games.3
Cyber Knight series2
Cyberia series3
Cyberdogs series2
Cyberball seriesGames featuring robots playing American football.2
Cut the Rope series4
Cuthbert seriesGames featuring Microdeal's Cuthbert character.9
Cute Knight series2
Custom Robo seriesA series of Nintendo games where you construct your own robot using different ...3
Custom Mate series Cocktail's simulation games that focus on creating a female character to ...3
Cursor*10 series2
Cursed Treasure seriesThe Cursed Treasure games are Tower Defense games in which the player is on the ...3
Curious George licenseesGames based on the Curious George childrens' book character.5
Cultures series10
Cult legacy2
Culdcept series2
Cube series3
CT Special Forces series3
CSR series2
Crystal Mines seriesA series of puzzle games by Color Dreams where players control a robot in a ...4
Crystal Key series3
Crysis series15
Cryo's Versailles series3
Cryo's Timescape series2
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