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Swedish Erotica seriesSeries of early adult console games brought to us through Mystique from the ...3
Sweevo seriesGames from FTL starring Sweevo the robot2
Switchblade seriesHiro's side-view action fight against Havok3
Sword Dancer seriesA series of games with an overarching plot, which combine Japanese RPG ...2
Sword of the Stars seriesA series of futuristic 4X games developed by Kerberos Productions.9
SwordQuest seriesAtari's SwordQuest series of adventure games.3
Syberia seriesThe series of adventure games by Microids starring fictional character Kate ...5
Sydney series2
Syndicate series7
SY!NSO (Squid Yes! Not So Octopus!) series5
Syphon Filter series7
System Shock seriesSystem Shock games were notable for incorporating elements of first-person ...3
Tabaluga LicenseesGames based upon Helme Heine's cartoon character Tabaluga, a young dragon, in ...2
Taco Bell promotional gamesThese games have all been handed out as part of various promotions at Taco Bell ...9
Tactical Assassin series3
Tactical Manager series4
Taiko no Tatsujin / Taiko Drum Master series11
Taikō Risshiden series2
Taito Revolution seriesA series of Taito arcade games that have been remade by Marvelous Interactive ...4
Take a Break! seriesA budget series of games with a casual theme, developed by Dynamix and ...2
Take Command seriesGames in MadMinute Games' Take Command series, 3D real-time wargames set during ...2
Takeda series3
Tak series6
Tales seriesTales is a series of Japanese role-playing games originally developed by Wolf ...21
Tall seriesA pair of puzzle games for the PlayStation, developed by Techno Soleil, where ...2
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