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Chrono seriesChrono games are (primarily) Japanese-style RPG that form a series connected by ...5
Chrono Quest seriesTrilogy of French detective/mistery adventure games involving time travel.3
Chronicles of Riddick series2
Chronicles of PydrainGames based on or inspired by author Lloyd Alexander's Chronicles of Prydain ...2
Chronicles of Narnia gamesBased on C.S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia series or its setting.7
Chronicles of Mystery seriesA series of adventure games from City Interactive.3
Chrome seriesA series of Sci-Fi shooters developed by Techland.4
Christmas Conquest series2
Christian Matchups seriesThis is a series of Concentration/Matchup games by Dan Sharpe and Godly Games, ...6
Choro Q gamesGames based on Choro Q, Japanese toy cars made by Takara.10
Choplifter series5
Choose Your Own Adventure gamebook adaptationsComputer game adaptations of the original Choose Your Own Adventure ...4
ChoiceScript gamesMultiple-choice games (MCGs) written using Choice of Games' ChoiceScript ...50
Choice of the Vampire series2
Chocolatier seriesA chocolate factory simulation series originally developed by Big Splash Games ...4
Chocobo gamesGames that feature chocobos, the giant chick-like birds from the Final Fantasy ...10
Chō Aniki gamesChō Aniki is a series of mostly scrolling shooters, with the occasional ...7
Chivalry series2
Chip 'N Dale gamesGames in which the Disney cartoon chipmunks, Chip and Dale, are the stars.3
Child of Light series3
Chickens series2
Chicken Shoot series4
Chicken Little licensees3
Chicken Invaders seriesSeries of Chicken-themed Space Invaders clones where the player flies a ...5
Chibi-Robo! seriesChibi-Robo! games, developed by Skip, incorporate elements of different genres, ...2
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