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Crystal Key series3
Crysis series15
Cryo's Versailles series3
Cryo's Timescape series2
Cryostasis gamesThis group contains Cryostasis, its special releases, eventual successors and ...2
Cryo's Atlantis seriesA series of adventure games based on the mythological lost world of Atlantis. ...10
Crush Roller / Make Trax games2
Crush Pinball seriesA series of fantastical pinball-themed action games jointly developed by ...4
Crusher series2
Crusader seriesA series of isometric action games set in the future. Trivia At one time Origin ...3
Crusader Kings series14
Cruis'n series4
Crowd fundingGames developed through crowd funding, where developers generally put an ...104
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon licenseesGames based on the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon which was directed by ...2
Crossword Puzzle gamesGames in which the player must fill in the words in a play grid according to ...34
Croc series3
Crimson Skies series2
Crimson seriesA series of medieval-themed role-playing games by Xtalsoft. 3
Crimson Sea series2
Crimsonland series2
Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) seriesThis group contains games based on the CSI television series, broadcast on CBS ...17
Crime Patrol seriesA series of crime fighting shooters that used a video backdrop during gameplay.3
Crime Crackers series2
Cresta seriesNihon Bussan's line of arcade shmups, starting with Moon Cresta.5
Creatures series17
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