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Kroz seriesThe first massive episodic shareware success dynasty, the Kroz series put the ...8
Masters of the Universe / He-Man licenseesGames based on Mattel's long-running toy franchise and its spin-offs. This ...8
Viper games Sogna's series of animated hentai games. They originated with the first ...8
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow series8
Combat Mission seriesThe Combat Mission games are strategy games where the player has a limited ...8
Setting: City - IstanbulGames in which at least part of the setting is the city of Istanbul, Turkey. ...8
Densha de Go! seriesA series of train simulations by Taito, originally arcade versions and then ...8
3D Engine: GODSGames using a version of the GODS engine (original or modified), by Data Design ...8
Games with nobility titles Games where the player may acquire nobility titles by climbing up a promotion ...8
Capcom vs. SNK seriesThe two Japanese classic fighting games companies confront each other not only ...8
Xanadu gamesThis group includes Xanadu: Dragon Slayer II (1985) and its sequels, remastered ...8
The Black Bass series8
3D Engine: YETIGames using a version of the YETI engine (original or modified), by Ubisoft. ...8
Aircraft: Kamov Ka-5X (Hokum)Games featuring the Kamov Ka-5X attack helicopter in a prominent role, as ...8
Sony Hot Shots games8
Gary Grigsby's gamesRelated Game Group(s) Game with Creator's name Related Link(s) Wikipedia: ...8
WarioWare seriesA spinoff series of Wario Land featuring a collection of fast and furious ...8
Threes! variantsPuzzle games based on the concept of the pattern matching title Threes!.8
Pokémon fangamesUnofficial fangames based on Nintendo's Pok√©mon universe. 8
Itadaki Street series8
Sins of a Solar Empire series8
Medieval: Total War seriesTotal War games specific to the Medieval series.8
Five Star Games seriesA series of compilations from Beau Jolly.8
Dr. Mario seriesMario plays doctor in these puzzle games, where viruses must be eliminated with ...9
GRID series9
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