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Axis & Allies licenseesGames based on the popular series of World War II strategy board games by ...5
Dead to Rights series5
Big City Adventure series5
RedCat gamesGames, mostly primary school edutainment, starring a feline character called ...5
Dante's Inferno series5
Sandlot Games' Westward Series5
Hungry Shark series5
Act of War seriesAct of War: Direct Action is a real-time strategy game where the player ...5
Sly Cooper series5
Frogs / Frog Bog / Frogs and Flies variantsGames featuring gameplay involving players controlling a frog who hops between ...5
Slayers licenseesGames based on the anime and light novel series Slayers, created by Hajime ...5
KindergarTen series5
Deadpool licensees5
Genre: Card / Tile game - Acey Duecy / In-BetweenAcey Duecy / In-Between is a card game where the player is given three cards ...5
Shadow Hearts seriesA series of Japanese-style role-playing games notable for their historical ...5
Viper V seriesThe series includes all the Viper games that feature the letter "V" after the ...5
Twilight Syndrome universeTwilight Syndrome is a series of Japanese horror adventures, notable for ...5
Heartline's soccer manager seriesThe games in this group are managerial soccer simulations by Heartline Software ...5
Age of Conan seriesA game series of action role-playing games originally developed by Funcom Oslo ...5
Game Engine: GroovieGames using a version of the Groovie engine (original or modified), used ...5
Amazing Adventures seriesA series of hidden object games where the player searches for treasure all over ...5
The Secret Order series5
Kid's Station seriesA series of educational games for the PC Engine produced by NEC Home ...5
Desperados series5
Genre: Reversed tower defenseGames in this group are a specific type of strategy games that turn the concept ...5
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