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Stellar 7 seriesSeries of 3D sci-fi tank simulators in which you attempt to defend the human ...5
Steve Davis licenseesSnooker games licensed/endorsed by Steve Davis.3
Stickybear licensees5
Still Life seriesAdventure games starring detectives of MacPherson family - private detective ...5
Stormlord series3
Storybook Adventures seriesA series of interactive children's stories for the CD-i. Each installment ...2
Strange Cases series3
Strategic Command seriesStrategic Command is a series of games developed and released by ...8
Strawberry Porno seriesSelf-designated name for certain early adult games by Koei.2
Strawberry Shortcake licenseesGames bearing the Strawberry Shortcake licensed characters.5
Street Fighter seriesAll games and variants based off of Capcom's original Street Fighter coin-op ...41
Street Legal series2
StreetPass Mii Plaza games Games installed within the StreetPass Mii Plaza software that comes pre-loaded ...5
Street Rod series2
Street Sk8er series2
Street Sports seriesA series of Epyx titles that took the basic gameplay of famous sports, but set ...4
Strider seriesA series of side-scrolling platform games featuring the protagonist Strider. ...5
Strife series2
Strike Commander series"Mercenary" flight simulator game developed by Origin, with it's released ...5
Strikers 1945 series4
Striker seriesA series of football (soccer) games developed by Rage Software.6
Strike Suit Zero series4
Strip Poker gamesVideo game adaptations of the traditional card game poker, containing graphical ...37
Strip Poker seriesStrip Poker games by Artworx Software Co., Inc., most subtitled "A Sizzling ...5
Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People seriesA series of episodic adventure games developed by Telltale Games in partnership ...6
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