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Piposh seriesA series of adventure games by Guillotine.4
Pippa Funnell licensees4
Piraka Animation seriesA series of online animations made to promote the 2006 LEGO BIONICLE products ...6
Pirate Fry series3
Pirates of the Caribbean licenseesGames based on Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean" license.12
Pirates! series7
Pitfall seriesSeries of games featuring the exploits of Indiana Jones-style ...17
Pitstop series2
Pivotal Games' Conflict series5
Pixar licenseesGames based on Pixar movies or other properties related to the movies.69
PixelJunk Eden series3
PixelJunk Monsters series4
PixelJunk series13
PixelJunk Shooter series3
Pixel Puzzles series77
Pizza Tycoon seriesGames in the Pizza Tycoon (Pizza Connection) series.5
P. J. Pride: Pet Detective series2
Plague Inc. series2
Planet Alcatraz / Sanitary Podzemeliy seriesAlso unofficially known as Dungeon Cleaners, this is a series of Russian-made ...2
Planetary Annihilation series3
Planetfall seriesSteve Meretzky's pair of sci-fi Infocom text adventures, putting the player in ...3
PlanetSide series4
Plants vs. Zombies series7
Platypus series2
Playboy the Mansion series3
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