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Nightfall Mysteries series5
Nightmare Collection seriesA series of horror-themed Japanese-style adventure games by Fairytale.3
Nightmare Creatures series3
Nightmares from the Deep series7
Night Mission Pinball versions2
Nights of Azure series6
NiGHTS series5
Night Trap series2
Nikolai series8
Nikoli puzzle series9
Nim gamesGames that include a playable versions of the mathematical strategy game Nim, ...19
Ninja Gaiden seriesThe Ninja Gaiden series by Tecmo follows the adventures of the ninja Ryu ...19
Ninja Jajamaru-kun seriesA series of games featuring Jaleco's little red ninja.8
Ninja Rabbits series2
Ninja Senki series2
Ninja-style recreationBeing a ninja is not all about assassinations, blood and guts. Sometimes they ...6
Ninja Usagimaru series2
NinJump series2
Nintendo Brain Game series8
Nintendo Color TV-Game SeriesSeries of dedicated consoles by Nintendo.5
Nintendogs series4
Nintendo limited edition console bundlesStarting with the original Game Boy, Nintendo has occasionally sold limited ...23
Nintendo Player's Choice releasesStarted in 1996, Player's Choice was a range of budget re-releases of certain ...83
Nintendo Power gamesGames released in Japan through the Nintendo Power program. The Nintendo Power ...18
Nintendo's Action seriesNorth American Nintendo Entertainment System games that were marked with the ...7
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