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Tron licenseesGames inspired by and making use of the licensed setting, characters and ...21
Troll doll licenseesThis game group includes games carrying a Troll doll license. Originally ...4
Trivial Pursuit licenseesGames based on Horn Abbott's general knowledge boardgame.12
Tritorn seriesTritorn (トリトーン) is a series of early medieval fantasy action role-playing games ...3
Tripper series2
Triple Play seriesElectronic Arts' annually-updated baseball series, now discontinued. The titles ...10
Triple Decker series11
Triple Action seriesSeries of compilations from Prism Leisure9
Triplane Turmoil series2
Trine series13
Trigger series2
Tribes seriesTribes is a series of first-person shooters set in the Metaltech universe, ...6
Tribal Wars series2
Triazzle games2
Triangle Again series2
Trials series9
Triad Compilation seriesA series of (appropriately) three compilations, each containing 3 games, as a ...3
Treasure Seekers seriesA series of hidden object adventure games starring the characters of Nelly and ...7
Trazere universeAll games set in the Trazere universe created by Anthony Taglione and Peter ...4
Trauma Center series5
Trapped series2
Transylvania seriesAntonio Antiochia's trilogy of supernatural gothic horror-themed interactive ...3
Transport Tycoon series5
Transport Giant series4
Transformers licenseesOfficially licensed games from the titular characters -- robots that transform ...25
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