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Freedom Force series4
Freddy Hardest gamesGames featuring Dinamic's impulsive yet heroic character2
Freddi Fish seriesHumongous' series of edutainment software titles featuring the undersea ...11
Freakyforms series2
Frank's Adventure series3
Franklin the Turtle licensees5
Franchise Hockey Manager series4
Franchise crossoversThis group contains games in which characters from two or more unrelated ...57
Framework: UbiArtGames using the proprietary UbiArt Framework developed by Ubisoft. It aims to ...6
Framed series2
Foxy seriesAdult turn-based strategy series by Elf.2
Foxy Jumper series3
Fox Twin Hits seriesA series of 5 CDs released in 1995, each featuring two hits developed by Titus ...5
Fox Ranger seriesFox Ranger is a series of shooters by the Korean developer Soft Action. Most of ...4
Fox Kids Kinder Spiele series2
Fox Hits CD series3
Fowl Words series2
Four Great Games seriesCompilations published by MicroValue6
Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends licensees2
Fossil Fighters series3
Forza Motorsport seriesThe Forza Motorsport series (or just Forza for short) of racing games ...46
Forza Horizon series29
Fortix series3
Fort Defense series2
Fort Commander series2
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