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DarXide series2
Dark Witch series3
Dark Void series2
Dark Tales series8
Darkstalkers series2D fighting games by Capcom which pays homage to traditional "monsters" of ...7
Dark Souls seriesDark Souls is a series of action role-playing games by FromSoftware. Rooted in ...17
Darksiders series12
Dark series2
D'ark series2
Dark Seed series3
Dark Seal / Gate of Doom seriesA series of action games in a fantasy setting released originally in arcades in ...2
Dark Reign series5
Dark Parables seriesThe Dark Parable games are hidden object games, which also contains simple ...15
Darkness Within seriesDarkness Within is a series of adventure games inspired by famous horror writer ...4
Dark Horizons series2
Dark Heritage series2
Dark Fall SeriesDark Fall is a series of adventure games by Jonathan Boakes and his company ...7
Darkest Fear trilogy3
Darkest Dungeon series3
Dark Disciples series2
Dark Dimensions series8
Dark Designs seriesA six-part suite of stock fantasy RPG tropes, composed of two distinct ...6
Dark Colony series3
Dark Cloud series2
Dark Castle seriesThis group gathers the games in the Dark Castle series of games.5
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