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Disc Saga gamesIncludes separate episodes of Compile's RPG Disc Saga, as well as their other ...4
Disciples seriesDisciples is a turned based strategy game originally developed by Strategy ...16
Disaster Report / Zettai Zetsumei Toshi series2
Dirt Track Racing series4
Diplomacy gamesGames based on the Avalon Hill board game5
Di-Planium Wars series3
Dinotopia licensees4
Dino Crisis series5
Diner Dash Spin-off gamesSpin-offs of the original Diner Dash by gameLab. This group features time ...9
Diner Dash seriesThis series of games features Flo, a waitress and hostess of various ...7
Dimension X series2
Dilbert licenseesGames based on the comic strip series Dilbert or the animated TV series of the ...3
Digital Strip Poker seriesA series of strip poker games by Slickrock Software, LLC.Originally (circa ...4
Digital Illusions Pinball seriesThe Pinball games made by Sweden's Digital Illusions team7
Digital Devil Saga seriesSub-series of Megaten. The first and the second game are one story told over ...2
Digital Combat Simulations seriesThis is a series of military aircraft and ground warfare simulators from Eagle ...50
Digimon gamesGames based upon or heavily refering to Bandai's Digimon (Digital Monsters), ...25
Digimon Adventure seriesRPGs based on the animé series "Digimon"7
Diggers series3
Dig Dug licenseesThis group contains games in the Dig Dug series, as well as compilations that ...21
Dig-Dogs seriesEducational games featuring the three Dig-Dogs characters introduced in ...2
Die Sendung mit der Maus licenseesDie Sendung mit der Maus is a German children's television show that encourages ...3
Die Rache der Sumpfhühner series3
Die Hard licenseesThis group contains all licensed games based on the movie Die Hard (starring ...12
Die Fugger series2
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