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The Birds and the Bees series2
Air Diver series2
La Aventura legacy2
Terrahawks licenseesGames based on Gerry Anderson's animated series.2
Professor Fizzwizzle series2
Cohort series2
Mr. Chin seriesGames produced by Romstar featuring a rotund Chinese gourmet named Mr. Chin.2
Classic Compendium legacy2
The Chaos Engine seriesGroup for "The Chaos Engine" and "The Chaos Engine 2" games.2
Chickens series2
Uncharted Waters / Daikōkai Jidai seriesThe Uncharted Waters or DaikĊkai Jidai (Great Age of Exploration) series are ...2
Middleware: LightsprintGames using the Lightsprint middleware developed by Lightsprint. It offers ...2
Aqua Bubble series2
Drakan series2
Nogginknockers seriesA suite of gory Bloodlust-made ball-and-paddle games, replacing the ball with a ...2
Shiritsu Tantei Max series2
Nightbreed adaptationsThe two games of a proposed cross-genre suite of three games arranged in a deal ...2
Take a Break! seriesA budget series of games with a casual theme, developed by Dynamix and ...2
Pyst versionsParroty Interactive's PYST games - intentional parodies of the Myst adventure ...2
Adrian Mole licenseesLevel 9's multiple-choice adventure games based around Sue Townsend's satirical ...2
Chess Housers series2
Wet Attack series2
Little Kings series2
VokabelStar series2
War Diary series2
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