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Power Golf series2
The Sentinel series2
EA Sports UFC series2
The Birds and the Bees series2
Car Jacker series2
WonderWitch Grand Prix winnersBandai’s WonderWitch design competition, handled by Qute, winning games that ...2
Volguard seriesA series of side-scrolling shoot 'em ups developed by dB-SOFT.2
Undercover series2
Gun.Smoke / Desperado series2
Xyanide series2
Fish Fillets seriesSeries of puzzle games by Altar Games with two secret agent fish as ...2
Torrente gamesGames adapted from Santiago Segura's Spanish movies, featuring politically ...2
Gateway seriesGames based off of Frederik Pohl's Gateway series of novels.2
Werner licenseesGames based on the German comic character.2
Hawaiian Explorer Games2
Incursion seriesThe Incursion games are tower defense games where the towers are shacks manned ...2
Shredder seriesSeries of chess games2
Vasteel seriesA series of turn-based war strategy games with robotic combat.2
Yawara! licenseesGames based on the manga Yawara! A Fashionable Judo Girl by Naoki Urasawa.2
Liquid Games' Quiz seriesThis is a series of quiz games released under Oxygen Interactive's Liquid Games ...2
Lone Survivor series2
Lost Viking seriesBlizzard Entertainment Inc. series of puzzle platformers starring the three ...2
Commodore International Sports seriesA line of sporting simulations for the C64, marketed by Commodore themselves2
Konami ReBirth seriesA series of remakes of classic Konami games released digitally on the Nintendo ...2
Cirno series2
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