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Black Onyx series2
Xtreme Polygon series2
Brain Power seriesBrain training games in the Brain Power series by Oak Systems Leisure Software ...2
4 Degrees seriesA series of trivia quiz games by ZAPiT Games released between 2005 and 2009 for ...2
Game Engine: Video RealityA game engine developed by SouthPeak Interactive for their adventure games2
LoveChess seriesInterstudio's suite of chess simulations themed around erotic exchanges in ...2
Night/Day Watch licenseesNight Watch and Day Watch licensed games are game based on the Russian movie ...2
Monster Madness series2
CellFactor series2
Despair series2
Pandemonium series2
Great American Golf series2
Skyfox seriesMid-'80s in-cockpit sci-fi spaceflight simulations, with emphasis on ...2
Yume Nikki fangamesUnofficial fangames inspired by the settings and gameplay of Yume Nikki, a cult ...2
Dragon Half licenseesGames based on Ryuusuke Mita's manga and/or subsequent anime series Dragon Half.2
Hattrick! seriesA soccer simulation series originally developed by Ikarion Software GmbH.2
Culdcept series2
Sphere Madness seriesGroup of games in which the player controls a ball through a maze from a ...2
Puzzle Link seriesYumekobo's puzzle game series.2
Fighter's History seriesA series of 2D one-on-one fighting games by Data East Corporation.2
Zero Escape series2
Police Trainer seriesArcade light gun games that have a police theme to their target levels.2
Age of Booty series2
Enchanted Forest series2
Holiday Bonus series2
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