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Digital Devil Saga seriesSub-series of Megaten. The first and the second game are one story told over ...2
Warp Warp seriesA series of overhead shooters by Namco. Players take control of a monster ...2
Galidor licenseesGames based on the characters and/or stories of the TV show Galidor: Defenders ...2
Seal seriesSeal (씰) is a series of Korean-made role-playing games united by a common ...2
Hundreds series2
Zatch Bell! licensees2
Rise of Venice series2
Super Taxi Driver series2
Rad Racer series2
Zavas seriesZavas (サバッシュ) is a series of role-playing games by Glodia, distinguished by ...2
PokéPark series2
Little Fighter series2
World Destruction League series2
Cowboy Bebop licenseesGames based on the anime series Cowboy Bebop.2
Echelon series2
Mystika series2
Disaster Report / Zettai Zetsumei Toshi series2
Stuntcar seriesFathammer's series of stunt-driving games for mobile platforms.2
Red Steel series2
Triangle Again series2
Bubble Witch Saga series2
Witchaven series2
Dyslektyk series2
Miss Mind series2
Mahō Daisakusen series2
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