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Aircraft: Eurofighter TyphoonGames featuring the Eurofighter GmbH Eurofighter Typhoon (aka EFA (European ...25
Game Engine: Graphic Adventure Creator (GAC) Incentive Software's 1985 game-making engine, while not as widely used as ...25
Adventure versionsVarious home computer implementations of Will Crowther and Don Woods' ...24
IOC licenseesOnly games officially licensed by the International Olympic Committee, ...24
Final Fantasy Online series This group contains the massively multiplayer online role-playing games in the ...24
Genre: Sports - DartsGames dealing with the game and sport of dart throwing and obvious spinoffs ...24
Hybrid board / computer gamesGames which require real (physical) items, such as boards (maps) with ...24
Centipede variants24
Distance record gamesGames where the player has to launch a character or object and make it travel ...24
Gameplay feature: Lock pickingGames that feature lock picking minigames as a part of the gameplay. Lock ...24
Games with included books (fiction)This group is for games which come bundled with novels, novellas or short ...24
Lunar Lander variantsGames based on the classic Lunar Lander game, where you have to land your ...24
Sam & Max licenseesAdventure games featuring as main protagonists Steve Purcell's surreal ...24
Petz seriesA series of virtual pet simulators.24
BioShock series24
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles licenseesGames based on the mass media phenomenon resulting from the family-friendly ...24
Halo seriesHalo is a science fiction video game series created by Bungie Studios for ...24
Myst seriesMyst is a series of adventure games originally created by the brothers Rand and ...24
Theme: WerewolvesGames that are inspired by werewolves.Werewolves (or lycanthropes) refer to ...24
Pokémon main RPG seriesPok√©mon role-playing games developed by Game Freak that appear on a handheld ...24
Automobile: Koenigsegg CCXGames where the player can drive the Koenigsegg CCX. Also includes the CCXR and ...24
Lemmings variantsGames whose core gameplay attributes parallel those established in DMA's ...24
Disgaea series24
Setting: KoreanGames that are set, partially or entirely, in Korea or a fantasy country ...24
Command & Conquer Red Alert seriesThe Red Alert titles compose a sub-series of the popular Command & Conquer ...24
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