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Quest for Glory seriesQuest for Glory is a series of role-playing/adventure hybrids originally ...10
Natural Selection series10
Theme: SleepwalkingGames using sleepwalking as major gameplay element. For most games this means a ...10
Resistance series10
Supreme Ruler seriesA series of strategy games. The first title was a text-based game for the ...10
Gameplay feature: SlaveryGames that feature slavery as a gameplay element within the game, which may ...10
Odyssey Dedicated Console seriesSeries of dedicated consoles by Magnavox10
Middleware: TriOviz for Games TechnologyGames using TriOviz for Games, a software technology that enables smooth ...10
Red Dead series10
Taco Bell promotional gamesThese games have all been handed out as part of various promotions at Taco Bell ...10
Game Engine: ConstructGames created with a version of the Construct DirectX and HTML5 game creator ...10
Choplifter series10
Dr. Mario seriesMario plays doctor in these puzzle games, where viruses must be eliminated with ...10
Gold Games compilations10
GO series10
Sierra/Dynamix Red Baron series10
Mugen Souls series10
Endless Legend series10
Game Engine: RSD Game-MakerGames designed with Recreational Software Designs' DOS-based graphical game ...10
Police Quest seriesThe Police Quest series are traditional adventure games developed by Sierra, ...10
XCOM 2 series10
Game Engine: JADEGames using a version of Ubisoft's proprietary JADE game engine. It was first ...10
Alan Wake series10
Genre: Board game - Nine Men's Morris / MillGames that allow the player to play the strategic board game of Nine Man Morris ...10
Plotting variantsGames that use the play style of Plotting, an arcade puzzle game by Taito.10
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