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The Ninja Warriors seriesTaito's original three-screen sidescrolling ninja beat'em'up and its ...2
The Nightmare Before Christmas licenseesGames based on Tim Burton's 1993 movie The Nightmare Before Christmas.3
The Neverhood / Klaymen Klaymen series4
The Movies series4
Theme: ZombiesA group for games prominently featuring zombies. Although it is unclear where ...333
Theme: WerewolvesGames that are inspired by werewolves.Werewolves (or lycanthropes) refer to ...28
Theme: VocaloidMusic / rhythm games that use vocaloid (singing voice synthesizer) technology ...4
Theme: VampiresGames that are inspired by vampires, a mythological undead creature of the ...194
Theme: Time ManipulationGames which use time travel (or similar time continuum effect) as a plot ...61
Theme: SubmarineGames that portray the use of submarine(s) in a prominent role or strongly ...164
Theme: Stock ExchangeGames which identify a primary or secondary function of gameplay in dealing ...34
Theme: Steampunk Steampunk refers to a genre of fiction where the beginnings of the industrial ...189
Theme: SleepwalkingGames using sleepwalking as major gameplay element. For most games this means a ...10
Theme: Sea PiratesGames that deal with the theme of piracy in a naval sense. Historically, sea ...229
Theme: SchoolThis group should contain games that center (in full or partially) around ...91
Theme: RMS TitanicGames involving the British passenger liner that sank in the North Atlantic ...15
Theme: Psychic powers / PsionicsThese games include elements of psychic abilities as a prominent figure in ...40
Theme Park series6
Theme: OlympicsGames based or inspired by the Olympic games. For strictly Olympic licensed ...46
Theme: OfficeGames taking place in, or relating to, office environments.13
Theme: NinjasGames involving ninjas in a major role or with plots involving ninjas.A ninja ...228
Theme: Mental facility / AsylumGames that feature centers for mental health in a prominent role. 22
Theme: Law practiceGames focusing on the legal professions (attorneys, judges, etc.) with varying ...31
Theme: Law enforcementGames focusing on law enforcement with varying degrees of realism. This may ...402
Theme: Illegal Drugs / NarcoticsGames where the theme is primarily activities involving the use, purchase, ...17
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