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Farming Simulator series42
The Walking Dead licenseesThe Walking Dead is a comic series written by Robert Kirkman and drawn by Tony ...41
Guilty Gear Xrd: -Sign- series41
Diablo variantsRole-playing games (RPGs) inspired by Diablo, Diablo II, or Diablo II: Lord of ...41
Centipede variantsThis group contains games which mimic the gameplay of the arcade game ...41
Theme: Stock ExchangeGames which identify a primary or secondary function of gameplay in dealing ...41
Animals: DeerGames that feature deer as protagonists, or in an otherwise prominent role.41
Uncharted seriesAction-adventure series following the story of Nathan Drake in his adventures ...41
Scramble variantsGames written in the style of Konami's cavern-flying, shooting, bombing arcade ...41
Automobile: Ford FiestaGames where the player can drive the Ford Fiesta.Limitations The car must be ...41
Commodore Format Power PacksCommodore Format Power Packs were cassettes found on the cover of the Commodore ...41
Automobile: Mercedes-Benz SLR McLarenGames in which you can drive the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren and all its ...41
Protagonist: Treasure hunterThis group includes games that feature protagonists who spend a significant ...41
Automobile: Volkswagen New BeetleGames where the player can drive the Volkswagen New Beetle and all its ...41
Automobile: Lamborghini CountachGames in which you can drive the Lamborghini Countach. -- Lamborghini Countach ...41
Defender variantsGames where you fly a spaceship in a hostile zone, usually rescuing small men. ...40
Theme: HalloweenGames centered around the yearly celebration of Halloween. Only the games which ...40
Star Trek fangamesDenotes all unofficial games that take place in or are based on creator Gene ...40
Crazy Chicken / Moorhuhn gamesGames featuring the Moorhuhn character from Phenomedia.40
Castle Wolfenstein seriesCovers all official Wolfenstein series and licenses, from the first release ...40
Galaxian variantsGalaxian, developed by Namco in 1979, was the first major evolution in ...40
Splinter Cell seriesEspionage games centered around the protagonist Sam Fisher and his stealthy ...40
Sniper Elite series40
Hoyle licenseesIncludes both the "old" Sierra and "new" Sierra Hoyle games.40
SimCity seriesThe SimCity series are the brainchild of Will Wright, initially a map editor ...40
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