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Populous seriesBullfrog's original genre-making suite of "god games", allowing the player to ...11
Family Feud conversionsGames based on the long-running TV game show.Related links Wikipedia: Family ...11
Automobile: Chevrolet El CaminoGames where the player can drive the Chevrolet El Camino and all its ...11
NCAA March Madness seriesEA Sports' series of college basketball games licensed by the NCAA.11
Graphics Engine: RealSpaceGames that use the Origin Systems "RealSpace" graphics engine, for representing ...11
The Chzo mythosA freeware AGS adventure tetralogy by Ben Croshaw (Yahtzee).11
Friday the 13th licenseesGames based on the horror movie franchise Friday the 13th.11
Aircraft: A-6 IntruderGames featuring the Grumman A-6 Intruder in a prominent role. This group ...11
Construction Simulator series11
After Burner seriesSega's series of casual F-14 Tomcat jet flighter simulations, originally arcade ...11
Twisted Metal seriesGames in the Twisted Metal universe.11
Portal series11
Physical Bonus Content: EmbroideryGames which include a piece of embroidered fabric as a bonus content. It is ...11
Ball sports with vehiclesThis group is for team sports games where you use vehicles to hit or throw a ...11
Driveclub series11
NBA Jam seriesAll games as part of the NBA Jam series, published by Acclaim and since 2010, ...11
Setting: City - IstanbulGames in which at least part of the setting is the city of Istanbul, Turkey. ...11
Pole Position series11
Conan licenseesConan, The Barbarian is the most famous character created by Robert E. Howard ...11
Heretic and Hexen seriesDeveloped by Raven Software, this series of 3D shooters set in a medieval ...11
Counter-Strike series11
APB series11
Dr. Seuss licensees11
Namco's Rally-X series11
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