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Theme: RMS TitanicGames involving the British passenger liner that sank in the North Atlantic ...18
4 Most series18
MumboJumbo's Luxor series18
Fallout Shelter seriesThis group contains the base game Fallout Shelter and all of it's related ...18
21st Century Entertainment Pinball seriesAll Pinball games produced/published by 21st Century Entertainment, including ...18
Game & Watch seriesThe Game & Watch series was a line of standalone handheld LCD games based on a ...18
subLOGIC's Flight Simulator scenery add-onsSubLOGIC's add-on packages containing additional scenery (terrain, airports, ...18
SuperLite 2000 releasesThis group is for Success' popular line of Japanese budget releases for ...18
SpellForce seriesSpellForce games are a mixture of role-playing and real-time strategy. The ...18
100% Orange Juice series18
Samurai Warriors series18
Jewel Quest series18
Pitfall seriesSeries of games featuring the exploits of Indiana Jones-style ...18
Disney's The Lion King licenseesGames based on characters and story elements from Disney's The Lion King movie ...18
pop'n music series18
Game Engine: Ego Game Technology EngineGames using a version of the Ego Game Technology Engine, more commonly referred ...18
Activision's Shanghai seriesGames produced or licensed by Activision using the strategic tile-based ...18
Game Engine: TADSTADS (Text Adventure Development System) is an Interactive Fiction software ...18
Mass Effect 3 seriesIncludes Mass Effect 3 and its expansion packs.18
Spacewar! variantsVariants of the original Spacewar! 2D space combat simulator, inspired by the ...18
Space Hulk seriesThe Space Hulk games are a video game adaption of the board game called Space ...18
Tom & Jerry gamesGames featuring Hanna-Barbera's animated cartoon cat (Tom) & mouse (Jerry) duo.18
Middle-earth: Shadow of War series18
Rail Simulator / RailWorks series18
Battlefield: Hardline seriesThis group contains the main game and all its downloadable content (DLC) ...19
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