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subLOGIC's Flight Simulator scenery add-onsSubLOGIC's add-on packages containing additional scenery (terrain, airports, ...18
Launch title: Xbox (North America)Games that were available for the North American launch of the Xbox on November ...18
Activision's Shanghai seriesGames produced or licensed by Activision using the strategic tile-based ...18
Oz / Wizard of Oz GamesGames based on L. Frank Baum's Oz series of stories and children's books.Games ...18
Pillars of Eternity series18
Tank variantsGames using fixed-screen top down visuals in which one or more players fight ...18
Aircraft: DH.98 MosquitoGames featuring the de Havilland Aircraft Company's DH.98 Mosquito aircraft (or ...18
21st Century Entertainment Pinball seriesAll Pinball games produced/published by 21st Century Entertainment, including ...18
Davilex Racer seriesA series of racing games by Davilex set in different locations all over the ...18
Max Payne seriesMax Payne is a series of third-person shooters initially created by the Finnish ...18
Game Engine: Ego Game Technology EngineGames using a version of the Ego Game Technology Engine, more commonly referred ...18
SpellForce seriesSpellForce games are a mixture of role-playing and real-time strategy. The ...18
Just Dance seriesJust Dance is a series of rhythm games developed and published by Ubisoft ...18
3D Engine: Prism3DGames using the Prism3D Engine by SCS Software.18
Automobile: Mercedes-Benz A-ClassGames where the player can drive a Mercedes-Benz A-Class compact ...18
Ben 10 licenseesGames licensed from the Ben 10 American animated television series created by ...18
MumboJumbo's Luxor series18
Automobile: Lister StormGames in which you can drive the Lister Storm.Limitations The car must be ...18
Aircraft: P-47 ThunderboltGames featuring the Republic P-47 Thunderbolt in a prominent role. -- from ...18
Tom & Jerry gamesGames featuring Hanna-Barbera's animated cartoon cat (Tom) & mouse (Jerry) duo.18
Aircraft: B-17 Flying FortressGames featuring the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress in a prominent role. -- from ...18
Dark Souls seriesDark Souls is a series of action role-playing games by FromSoftware. Rooted in ...19
Rail Simulator / RailWorks series19
Rome: Total War seriesTotal War games specific to the Rome series.19
SG/ZH: School Girl/Zombie Hunter series19
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