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Genre: Six degrees of freedomGames where the majority of movement is based on the concept of six degrees of ...19
How to Survive series19
Setting: City - Rio de JaneiroGames in which at least part of the setting is the city of Rio de Janeiro, ...19
Automobile: Volkswagen PoloGames where the player can drive the Volkswagen Polo.Limitations The car must ...19
Battlefield: Hardline seriesThis group contains the main game and all its downloadable content (DLC) ...19
Rome: Total War seriesTotal War games specific to the Rome series.19
Red Baron gamesGames featuring the World War I German fighter pilot Manfred Albrecht ...19
Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle series19
Ultimate Sudoku Collection series19
Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) seriesThis group contains games based on the CSI television series, broadcast on CBS ...19
RC Plane19
Science Adventure series19
Games with dynamic advertisementsGames that show dynamic real-life advertisements during gameplay, streamed from ...19
Yoshi seriesGames prominently featuring Yoshi, the dinosaur from the Mario series. Games ...19
Censored Japanese releasesThis game group should contain any Japanese release which is censored in ...19
Konami XXL Sports seriesThis group gathers all the games released under Konami's "XXL Sports" label. ...19
Automobile: Lamborghini Sesto ElementoGames where the player can drive the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento.Limitations The ...19
Automobile: BMW M1Games where the player can drive the BMW M1.Limitations The car must be ...19
Genre: Card / Tile game - EuchreGames that contain playable versions of the card game Euchre.19
Achtung Panzer / Graviteam Tactics series19
Theme: HomelessSometimes painted broadly as bums or hobos, this group collects games featuring ...19
Monkey Island seriesMonkey Island is a series of comedy adventure games set in fictional 18th ...19
Godzilla gamesGames featuring Toho's Godzilla kaiju (giant monster), a fire-spewing ...19
Automobile: Renault 5Games where the player can drive the Renault 5 (Le Car in the USA) and all its ...19
Gamebook conversionsIn the plainest sense, gamebooks are Choose-Your-Own-Adventures (featuring user ...19
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