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Area 51 series5
Arena: Cyber Evolution series5
A.R.E.S.: Extinction Agenda series4
Aretha seriesA series of JRPGs where the player takes the role of female protagonists, ...6
Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? licensees7
Arizona Rose seiresA series of adventure games involving antique collector turned treasure hunter ...2
Arkanoid seriesA series of arcade games based on Breakout.10
Arkedo seriesA series of small, unrelated games produced by Arkedo for the Xbox Live Indie ...3
ARK: Survival Evolved series15
Armada 2526 series3
ArmA seriesA series of realistic tactical first person shooters developed by Bohemia ...21
Armello series2
Armored Core seriesA long-running series of mech combat games from FromSoftware, with a heavy ...15
Armored Fist seriesA series of simulations where the player controls tanks.4
Armour-Geddon seriesA series of science-fiction games which mix strategic elements (especially ...2
Army Gals series4
Army Men universeA series of games created by 3DO based on the popular kids toys started in the ...35
Army of Tentacles series15
Army of Two series4
Arnie seriesA series of isometric third-person-shooters where the player takes control of ...3
Arnold the Adventurer series3
Art Academy series8
Art Attack series2
Arthur and the Invisibles licenseesGames in this group are based on the 2006 film Arthur and the Invisibles (known ...4
Arthur licenseesA series of childrens' educational games featuring Arthur Read, title character ...13
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