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NBA Live / NBA Elite seriesA series of basketball games from Electronic Arts. The series originally ...22
Touring Car Racing gamesGames involving racing modified road-going cars on tarmac circuits. These are ...22
Automobile: Ford FiestaGames where the player can drive the Ford Fiesta.Limitations The car must be ...22
Far Cry seriesFar Cry is a series of first-person 3D shooters. The first game in the series ...22
Hero music gamesThis game group collects all music games from Activision Publishing that have ...22
Microsoft Flight Simulator seriesArguably the longest running PC "game" series in existence, this group is for ...22
Force Powers-themed gamesThese games allow the player to wield "Force Powers" through their main avatar ...22
Setting: City - ChicagoGames in which at least part of the setting is the city of Chicago, United ...22
Guild Wars seriesThe Guild Wars world is split into the continents of Tyria, Cantha and Elona - ...22
Games made in STOSSTOS was an extremely popular programming language for amateurs on the Atari ...22
Games named after songsGames which appear to take their titles directly from songs, without ...22
Kloonigames' monthly experimental done-in-under-a-week gamesA series of experimental games developed by Petri Purho, as a challenge to ...22
Shrek licenseesGames based on or inspired by events or characters from the DreamWorks Shrek ...22
Automobile: Lotus EvoraGames where the player can drive the Lotus Evora.Limitations The car must be ...22
Fictional character: FrankensteinGames based, sometimes loosely, on the subject of Mary Shelley's classic ...22
Jeopardy! conversionsGames based on the long-running TV quiz show where you ask the questions.22
Gameplay feature: Burden / EncumbranceGames where the player controlled character suffers penalties if carrying too ...21
Bicycle licenseesGames based on the Bicycle brand of playing cards from the United States ...21
3D Engine: AsuraGames using the Asura engine by Rebellion.21
Setting: City - MiamiGames in which at least part of the setting is the city of Miami, United ...21
Moorhuhn / Crazy Chicken variantsGames which closely follow the gameplay of the early Moorhuhn series: The ...21
Homestar Runner universeGames that take place within the Homestar Runner universe of online animated ...21
Tales seriesTales is a series of Japanese role-playing games originally developed by Wolf ...21
3D Engine: VirtoolsGames using a version of the Virtools engine (original or modified) by Virtools ...21
Automobile: Ferrari 360Games where the player can drive the Ferrari 360. Includes all variants: 360 ...21
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