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Jagged Alliance seriesJagged Alliance is a tactical strategy based game originally developed by ...30
Jurassic Park licenseesAll games based on, or inspired by, the events and ideas in Michael Crichton's ...30
BBS Door gamesGames intended for remote play through a dial-up bulletin board system -- ...29
Animals: SharksGames that feature sharks as protagonists, or in an otherwise prominent role.29
Historical Conflict: Persian Gulf WarThe Persian Gulf War (2 August 1990 - 28 February 1991) - usually abbreviated ...29
Animals: MolesGames featuring moles in a prominent roles. This can either be moles as ...29
Automobile: Subaru LegacyGames where the player can drive the Subaru Legacy.Limitations The car must be ...29
Games with DopefishGames featuring a guest appearance of or referencing to Dopefish, a fish first ...29
Automobile: Porsche Carrera GTGames in which you can drive the Porsche Carrera GT.Limitations The car must be ...29
Adventure versionsVarious home computer implementations of Will Crowther and Don Woods' ...29
Automobile: Lotus EvoraGames where the player can drive the Lotus Evora.Limitations The car must be ...29
Just Cause series29
Fighting Fantasy gamebook adaptationsGames adapted from, based on or inspired by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone's ...29
Games with profane titlesGames where its title explicitly uses words that may spark controversy towards ...29
BioShock series29
Gameplay feature: GoldsmithingGoldsmithing is a skill offered in some games that allows the character to ...29
Games named after songsGames which appear to take their titles directly from songs, without ...29
3D Engine: Lithtech TalonGames using the Talon Engine by Lithtech, Inc. This is the second version of ...29
Animals: RaccoonsGames that feature raccoons as protagonists, or in an otherwise prominent role. ...29
Automobile: Aston Martin One-77Games where the player can drive the Aston Martin One-77.Limitations The car ...29
Mortal Kombat gamesThis group includes the main Mortal Kombat series of versus fighting games, as ...29
Genre: Board game - Connect Four Games based on the Connect Four board game (trademarked by Milton Bradley in ...29
Hot Wheels licenseesTransportation-themed games based on Mattel's Hot Wheels line of toy vehicles, ...29
Aircraft: F-117 NighthawkGames featuring the Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk in a prominent role.Limitations If ...29
Scrabble licenseesOfficially licensed computer and console versions of Hasbro and Parker ...28
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