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Setting: City - Hong KongGames in which at least part of the setting is the city of Hong Kong, China. ...21
Tales seriesTales is a series of Japanese role-playing games originally developed by Wolf ...21
Game Engine: EuropaGames using the engine developed by Paradox Interactive, first introduced in ...21
Robin Hood universeThe legend of Robin Hood is one of the most common of the mythologies in ...21
3D Engine: VirtoolsGames using a version of the Virtools engine (original or modified) by Virtools ...21
Gold Box seriesThe lion's share of games (so named due to their initial distinctive golden ...21
Aircraft: F6F HellcatGames featuring the Grumman F6F Hellcat in a prominent role.Limitations If the ...21
Commercial modsThis is a list of games that are direct derivatives of freely distributed ...21
Protagonist: VampireThis group includes games in which the main playable character is a ...21
You Don't Know Jack seriesA series of games which puts you in the middle of a comedy game show known as ...21
Moorhuhn / Crazy Chicken variantsGames which closely follow the gameplay of the early Moorhuhn series: The ...21
Hero music gamesThis game group collects all music games from Activision Publishing that have ...21
3D Engine: id Tech 3 (Quake III: Team Arena)Games using the id Tech 3 engine (original or modified based on Quake III: Team ...21
Harpoon seriesNaval battle simulators based on or inspired by Larry Bond's 1980 Harpoon ...21
Harvest Moon seriesNatsume's long-running series of farm-management simulations, where proper ...21
Homestar Runner universeGames that take place within the Homestar Runner universe of online animated ...21
Crash Bandicoot seriesGames starring Crash Bandicoot and related titles sharing characters and ...21
Bicycle licenseesGames based on the Bicycle brand of playing cards from the United States ...21
Aircraft: Messerschmitt Me 262Games featuring the Messerschmitt Me 262 Schwalbe in a prominent ...21
Quattro compilationsThe compilations released by Codemasters, each containing 4 of their previous ...21
3D Engine: AsuraGames using the Asura engine by Rebellion.21
Garfield gamesGames starring Jim Davis' lazy, lasagne-loving cat, whether officially licensed ...20
Automobile: Ferrari F355Games in which you can drive the Ferrari F355 or any of its variations ...20
Genre: Simulation - CookingAny game where cooking (or other forms of food preparation) is a central ...20
Serious Sam seriesSerious Sam games are named after the main character Sam "Serious" Stone, a ...20
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