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Aircraft: Junkers Ju 87Games featuring the Junkers Ju 87 Stuka in a prominent role. -- from Air ...24
Aircraft: Fokker Dr.IGames featuring the Fokker Dr.I Dreidecker in a prominent role. -- from Sky ...24
Le Tour de France licenseesThis group includes all licensed games based on the Tour de France, an annual ...24
Game Engine: VisionaireGames using a version of the Visionaire engine (original or modified), a studio ...24
Theme: AlcoholGames in which the purpose is to manufacture, serve or consume alcoholic ...24
Genre: Environmental Narrative Games / Walking SimulatorsGames in these group focus on 1st person movement through an environment and a ...24
Dead Space series24
Playstation "2 Games" compilations"2 games" is a series of twin pack games, released at the end of the economic ...24
Gameplay feature: BrothelsGames that allow the player to optionally pay to use the services of a brothel ...24
Game Engine: EnigmaGames using either the original Blitzkrieg RTS engine or a modified version of ...24
Qubic translationsGames based on the 1953 Parker Brothers board game of the same name. The game ...24
Setting: AztecGames that either take place, partially or entirely, in ancient central Mexico ...24
Marvel's Avengers licenseesGames featuring Marvel's team of superheroes who come together to combat a ...24
Joust variantsMidway's famous ostrich-riding game, its spin-offs and clones.24
Sam & Max licenseesAdventure games featuring as main protagonists Steve Purcell's surreal ...24
Automobile: Mercedes-Benz C-ClassGames where the player can drive the Mercedes-Benz C-Class and all its ...24
Genre: Sports - Ski Jumping24
Hello Kitty licenseesGames featuring the Hello Kitty character from Sanrio Co.24
Hybrid board / computer gamesGames which require real (physical) items, such as boards (maps) with ...24
EA Sports BIG gamesThe EA Sports BIG label was used for publishing sports games published by ...24
War Across the World seriesThis game group contains the turn-based strategy game War Across the World ...24
Mario Party seriesMario Party Series24
NBA 2K seriesAll games in the NBA 2K series.24
Neopets gamesGames set in the Neopets universe, the setting of the popular "virtual pet" ...24
Genre: Sports - Air hockeyGames based on the game of Air Hockey, which usually consists of an air-hockey ...24
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