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Arcade Gears seriesA series of arcade ports from older titles produced in the late '90s by Xing ...4
Arcade Game SeriesA series of Namco arcade games made available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One ...4
Arcade Archives seriesThe Arcade Archive games are a series of Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One ...75
Aragami series4
AquaNox seriesA series of submarine games set in the far future when radioactivity forced ...5
Aquanaut's Holiday seriesA series of games focusing on underwater exploration.3
Aqua Bubble series2
Apprentice seriesA series of freeware adventure games where the player takes the role of ...2
Application Software / Operating Systems containing gamesThis group assembles together a list of application software and operating ...42
Appli Archives series4
Apogee Rescue seriesEducational platform games developed by Redwood Games, pitting the players' ...2
Ape Escape seriesA series of action games where the player needs to catch escaped apes while ...8
APB series11
Antz licenseesGames based on Dreamwork's animated movie Antz which follows the adventures of ...5
Antique Road Trip series3
Anti-Cheat Technology: PunkBusterPC games with the licensed PunkBuster software for integrated anti-cheat ...82
Anteater variantsThis group is for games that are variants on the arcade coin-op game Anteater.4
Antarctic Adventure / Penta seriesStarting out in Antarctic Adventure, Penta the penguin became one of Konami's ...3
Another World / Out of This World seriesDelphine's two-part story wordlessly tells, in smooth rotoscoped polygon ...4
Another Code seriesA series of console adventure games which focus on story-telling. The player ...2
Another Century's Episode series4
Anomaly series6
ANNO / A.D. seriesThe A.D. series consists of Austrian and German real-time strategy games where ...43
Anne's Doll Studio series5
Anna series2
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