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Automobile: Pontiac GTOGames where the player can drive the Pontiac GTO and all its ...34
Animals: Dolphins / WhalesGames that feature dolphins and/or whales as protagonists, or in an otherwise ...34
Visual technique / style: Rendered in clayGames that use clay to depict the action, menus and scenes.34
The Witcher seriesCreated by the Polish developer CD Projekt, The Witcher (2007) and its sequels ...34
Disgaea series34
Genre: Sports - HandballGames in which the player can play handball or otherwise revolves around ...34
Physical Bonus Content: PostcardThis group should contain all the retail releases that include at least one ...34
King's Quest seriesA series of graphical fantasy adventure games featuring the escapades of King ...34
Genre: SniperGames with exclusive or primary focus on using sniper rifles.33
Terminator gamesAny game bearing the licensed characters from the Terminator movies.33
Automobile: Jaguar E-TypeGames where the player can drive the Jaguar E-Type.Limitations The car must be ...33
Genre: Simulation - Air traffic controlGames where the player gets to direct aircraft traffic of an airport.33
Touch! Generations gamesGames carrying the Nintendo brand: "Touch! Generations". These games are ...33
Colin McRae Rally / DiRT rally seriesCodemasters' long running series of rally racing games, originally endorsed by ...33
Asterix and Obelix licenseesGames based on the French comic series written by René Goscinny and written and ...33
Taxi gamesGames where the player takes the role of a taxi driver.33
Kirby gamesKirby is a series of games in various genres (chiefly platformers) created by ...33
Puyo-Puyo / Madō Monogatari universePuyo Puyo puzzle games and Madō Monogatari role-playing game series share many ...33
Tekken seriesTekken (鉄拳, "Iron Fist") is a series of versus fighting games by Namco. The ...33
IOC licenseesGames officially licensed by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), ...33
SEGA AGES 2500 seriesA collection of remakes of some of SEGA's previously released games for the ...33
Theme: Law practiceGames focusing on the legal professions (attorneys, judges, etc.) with varying ...33
Tony Hawk skateboarding seriesA series of skateboarding games endorsed by pro skateboarder Tony Hawk, all of ...33
Setting: City - VeniceGames in which at least part of the setting is the city of Venice, Italy. The ...33
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