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J. League gamesThis group includes all games which are officially licensed by the first ...20
ANNO / A.D. seriesThe A.D. series consists of Austrian and German real-time strategy games where ...20
Setting: AztecGames that either take place, partially or entirely, in ancient central Mexico ...19
Defender variantsGames where you fly a spaceship in a hostile zone, usually rescuing small men. ...19
Genre: Simulation - CookingAny game where cooking (or other forms of food preparation) is a central ...19
Hitman seriesHitman is a series of games by the Danish developer IO Interactive. The main ...19
Power Rangers licenseesGames based on the many TV and film incarnations of Bandai's costumed heroes, ...19
Setting: City - Hong KongGames in which at least part of the setting is the city of Hong Kong, China. ...19
Fictional character: FrankensteinGames based, sometimes loosely, on the subject of Mary Shelley's classic ...19
Theme: HunchbacksHunchbacks or Humpbacks are people who suffer from the medical condition of ...19
Theme: DieselpunkDieselpunk is based on the aesthetics of the interbellum period between the end ...19
Middleware: Umbra 3Games using the Umbra 3 middleware developed by Umbra Software Ltd. It provides ...19
Dig Dug licenseesThis group contains games in the Dig Dug series, as well as compilations that ...19
Disney Infinity seriesThe different versions of the game Disney Infinity, its figures, Toy Box packs ...19
Jagged Alliance seriesJagged Alliance is a tactical strategy based game originally developed by ...19
UEFA-sanctioned gamesGames licensed by the European soccer governing body. Along regular naming ...19
Tron licenseesGames inspired by and making use of the licensed setting, characters and ...19
3D Engine: Lithtech Jupiter EXGames using the Jupiter Engine Extended (EX) by Lithtech, Inc. (later Touchdown ...19
Demo versionsThis group contains demo versions of games. Only those demo versions are ...19
Mystery Case Files seriesPuzzle game series by Big Fish Games where "You be the detective".Related ...19
Automobile: Lotus EvoraGames where the player can drive the Lotus Evora.Limitations The car must be ...19
Ballistics gamesBallistics games are games where the player has to launch a projectile with a ...19
Hokuto no Ken / Fist of the North Star licenseesThis group includes games based on the Japanese manga and anime Fist of the ...19
Aircraft: Hawker HurricaneGames featuring the Hawker Hurricane in a prominent role.Limitations If the ...19
Theme: HomelessSometimes painted broadly as bums or hobos, this group collects games featuring ...19
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