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The Daily Telegraph licenseesGames carrying the license of the daily British newspaper The Daily Telegraph.2
Fantasia Sango/Huanxiang Sanguozhi series2
Zoo Keeper series2
Super Gran licenseesGames based on the ITV television series Super Gran.2
Beat the House series2
Flight Deck seriesA series of add-on packages by Abacus Software for Microsoft Flight Simulator, ...2
Survival Driver series2
Lawnmower Game series2
4 Travellers series2
Die Fugger series2
Puzzle & Reise series2
Nonterraqueous series2
Frenzy Island2
Blinx series2
Nash Racing series2
Game Engine: MonocleGames using a version of the Monocle open source game engine (original or ...2
Middleware: LightsprintGames using the Lightsprint middleware developed by Lightsprint. It offers ...2
Middleware: Coherent UIGames using the Coherent UI middleware developed by Coherent Labs.2
Rush for Gold series2
Emerland Solitaire series2
Garden Rescue series2
Wizardry Gaiden series2
Mysteryville seriesPsychic Laura Winner solves mysteries by clicking on objects in this series of ...2
Noah's Adventures seriesSeries of games based on the Noah's Ark biblical story.2
Monument Builders series2
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