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Beetlejuice licenseesGames based on Tim Burton's horror comedy Beetlejuice or its spinoff animated ...3
Behind Closed Doors seriesZenobi Software's long-running series of adventure games dealing with the ...2
Bejeweled seriesThe popular handheld puzzle games about flipping pairs of gems.8
Bemani gamesThis group collects all of the games under Konami's "Bemani" brand. These are ...99
Ben 10 licenseesGames licensed from the Ben 10 American animated television series created by ...5
Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator seriesBen Jordan: Paranormal Investigator is a series of eight games developed by ...10
Berenstain Bears games5
Berks seriesA collection of games written by Jon Williams.5
Berserk licenseesGames based on the popular Japanese Kenpuu Denki Berserk (剣風伝奇ベルセルク) manga or ...2
Berzerk seriesStern Electronics series of arcade shooters. Players control a humanoid on an ...2
Berzerk variantsGames based on, inspired by, or made in the fashion of Stern's classic Berzerk. ...10
Best of Sierra compilations9
Bestowers of Eternity / The Blackwell Legacy seriesA series of adventure games centered around members of the Blackwell family and ...6
Bet on Soldier series4
Betty Boop licensees5
Beyblade licenseesGames based on the Beyblade franchise, which encompasses the spinning top toy ...3
Biathlon seriesBiathlon series with yearly instalments about the Biathlon event that combines ...8
Bibi Blocksberg licenseesGames based on the long-running series of German audio plays for children, ...4
Bible educational gamesGames in this group do not only take their inspiration from the Bible, but also ...23
Bicycle licenseesGames based on the Bicycle brand of playing cards from the United States ...21
Big 10 Compilation seriesContains the Big 10 compilations from Koch Media.2
Big Brother seriesGames based on the TV reality show Big Brother.2
Big City Adventure series5
Big Kahuna Reef series2
Big Nose seriesGames starring Bignose, a caveman who has a large proboscis.3
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