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Theme: Holy GrailThe Holy Grail was supposedly the cup used by Jesus Christ at the last supper. ...12
Theme: Holidays (other than Halloween or Christmas)This group is for games that have a theme based on or set at the time of a ...13
Theme: Haunted houseGames taking place partially or completely in a haunted house. This means a ...159
Theme: HalloweenGames centered around the yearly celebration of Halloween. Only the games which ...25
Theme: Hacking / Pseudohacking Games that deal with entry into and manipulation of a computer system by ...87
Theme: Giant monstersTitles whose primary gameplay involves control of or defense against giant ...58
Theme: Game DevelopmentThis group includes games that focus on the process of developing electronic ...13
Theme: Future sports / Brutal sportsA common sci-fi theme, dating back at least to the 1975 movie Rollerball, is ...33
Theme: FirefightingGames focusing on firefighting with varying degrees of realism. The player ...53
Theme: Famous politicianGames which star a specific real-life politician in a major role. Often these ...26
Theme: Famous musiciansStars of the music industry (singers, guitarists, bands etc.) of whom have ...141
Theme: DieselpunkDieselpunk is based on the aesthetics of the interbellum period between the end ...19
Theme: CircusGames inspired by classical or modern-day circuses, with may include but not ...43
Theme: ChristmasGames centered around a Christmas holiday theme.163
Theme: AtlantisGames that are connected in some way to the ancient Greek myth of the lost ...57
Theme: Astrology2
Theme: Amusement parkGames that are related to the activities at an amusement park or theme park. ...138
Theme: AmnesiaGames that use amnesia as a plot device: The plot usually identifies the main ...111
Theme: AlcoholGames in which the purpose is to manufacture, serve or consume alcoholic ...23
The Maze Runner licensees2
The Maw series5
The Matrix licenseesGames set in the universe of the film The Matrix. Awards PC Powerplay ...3
The Mark of Kri series2
The Manhole versions3
The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth seriesGroup of RTS games based on the works of J.R.R. Tolkien and the trilogy of ...7
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