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The Impossible Game series2
The Impossible Avatar Getaway series2
The [email protected] series44
The Hunger Games licensees3
The Humble Bundle compilationsGame compilations that feature a pay-what-you-want sales model. Purchasers of ...28
The Humans seriesA series of platform / puzzle games where you have to take care of a group of ...5
The House of the Dead series15
The Horse Gang gamesGames starring The Horse Gang, 3 child detectives. Most of the games involve ...3
The History Channel licensees11
The Hardy Boys games2
The Guild seriesDie Gilde (original German title) games are medieval business-oriented strategy ...13
The Great Battles seriesThe Great Battles are computer conversions of a board wargame system developed ...4
The Goonies licenseesGames inspired by the 1980s adventure movie The Goonies.4
The Gold Collection seriesA series of compilations from U.S. Gold.10
The Godfather gamesGames based on the movie The Godfather and its sequels.5
The Getaway seriesGetaway is a series of games developed by Team Soho, which combine third-person ...2
The Fortress of Dr. Radiaki group2
The Fool seriesCliff Johnson's series of puzzle games. These games feature references to tarot ...2
The Flintstones licenseesGames licensed around the characters of the modern stone-age family, from the ...16
The Fast and the Furious licensees6
The Fancy Pants AdventuresA series of side-scrolling platformer by Brad Borne starring the character ...3
The Famous Five licenseesGames based or inspired by characters created by author Enid Blyton in his ...4
The Fall Trilogy gamesThe Fall Trilogy is an episodic 3-part adventure series of games by Kheops ...4
The Fall of Gods series2
The Fairly OddParents licensees3
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