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After Dark series2
After Burner seriesSega's series of casual F-14 Tomcat jet flighter simulations, originally arcade ...11
AFL licenseesGames using an official license from the Australian Football League.11
Affairs of the Court series4
Aeternoblade series8
AeroWings seriesThis series consists of flight simulation games. Their focus shift from ...3
Aero the Acrobat seriesDavid Siller's platform games featuring the acrobatic feats of a circus bat ...3
Aerofly FS series12
Aero Fighters / Sonic Wings seriesTitles in the Aero Fighters / Sonic Wings series. The earlier games are ...6
Aerial Combat seriesA series of shareware dogfighting games for the Atari ST, written in STOS.3
AereA series3
Advertising / Product tie-ins / AdvergamesDenotes any game that is based on a trademarked character, product, mascot, or ...276
Adventure versionsVarious home computer implementations of Will Crowther and Don Woods' ...32
Adventure Time licenseesGames based on Cartoon Network's popular animated series Adventure Time With ...10
Adventures with EdisonA series of educational titles about the adventures of a character called ...4
Adventures of Sid seriesA series of platformers starring Sid the tomato.2
Adventures of Lolo / Eggerland seriesA series of puzzle games where the player controls Lolo, a ball-like character, ...11
Adventure Games Live seriesSeries of text-based adventure multiple-choice games written in the Smash ...7
Adventure Collection seriesA compilation of adventure games originally published by dtp entertainment ...9
Adventure Chest seriesContains the Adventure Chest compilations by The Adventure Company.2
Adventure Book gamesChoose-Your-Own-Adventure format text adventure games designed using Jon ...3
Adrian Mole licenseesLevel 9's multiple-choice adventure games based around Sue Townsend's satirical ...2
Adi seriesA series of educational games for children by Coktel Vision. It's a short ...4
adidas Power Soccer seriesPower Soccer was a Psygnosis series of 3D action-oriented football games, ...4
adidas licensees9
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