User review spotlight: Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar (DOS)

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Pictureka games2
Live for Speed Series2
Iron Angel of the Apocalypse series2
Gameplay feature: Rotatable boards (in puzzle games)Games in this group give the player the ability to rotate the entire grid or ...2
Street Rod series2
Captive seriesA series of science-fiction role-playing games.2
Element Girls seriesA series of lifestyle application games originally published by dtp young ...2
Laptop & Travel Games series2
Dungeon Chess series2
Mercury series2
Newtonica series2
Jardinains series2
Momentum Missile Mayhem seriesSeries of defense games which focus on physics to attack and repel the endless ...2
The Exchange Student seriesAn episodic adventure game series by Pan Metron Ariston about the adventures of ...2
Airlines seriesA series of economical simulations originally developed by InterActive Vision ...2
Anacreon versionsThe basic sci-fi strategic gameplay has remained consistent over the decades, ...2
Jump Stars seriesA pair of 2D fighting games from Nintendo and Ganbarion in the vein of Super ...2
Blue Max seriesSynapse's World War 1 titles based on the adventures of a fictional British ...2
Gemstone series2
Vain Dream series2
Riglord Saga/Blazing Heroes series2
Contender / Victory Boxing seriesA series of arcade-style boxing games.2
Age of Pirates seriesA role-playing series depicting the pirate way of life, originally including ...2
WonderWitch Grand Prix winnersBandai’s WonderWitch design competition, handled by Qute, winning games that ...2
Ōkami seriesA series of games based on Japanese myths and starring divine beings incarnated ...2
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