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Immortal Cities series2
Tennis Elbow series2
Keroro Gunsō / Sgt. Frog licenseesGames based on the manga & anime franchise Keroro Gunsō (ケロロ軍曹), known ...2
XTreme Racing seriesThe Mario Kart-inspired racing game for Amiga and its expansions.2
Foxy seriesAdult turn-based strategy series by Elf.2
Great American Golf series2
Game Engine: AlanAlan is one of two (V2 and V3) mutually incompatible interactive fiction ...2
Happy Hippo LicenseesGames based on the Happy Hippo toys that are sometimes included in the "Kinder ...2
Margrave Manor series2
Star Lord gamesGames by Mike Singleton, the newer based on the lore of the older PBM game.2
Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes series2
Pax Imperia series2
Bosconian games2
Dark Seed series2
Give Up Robot series2
War Twat series2
Dizzy Lizzy series2
Undercover series2
Namco's Rally-X series2
Mondo seriesA series of games produced by Cactus Software. They are 3D games, played from a ...2
X-Out legacyRainbow Arts' post-R-Type shmup series.2
World Racing seriesRacing games developed by Synetic.2
Boxxle series2
Final Zone series2
Santa Claus in Trouble seriesChristmas/Santa themed action games originally developed by Joymania ...2
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