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Animals: HorsesGames that feature horses as protagonists, or in an otherwise prominent role. ...206
Scripting language: LuaGames using Lua embeddable scripting language.Lua is designed, implemented, and ...206
Physical Bonus Content: SoundtrackGames which include physical soundtrack (CD, DVD, cassette, etc.) as a part of ...205
Tetris variantsTetris was the original falling block puzzle game and therefore any such game ...205
Animals: InsectsGames that feature insects as protagonists, or in an otherwise prominent role. ...204
Setting: ChineseGames that either take place, partially or entirely, in China or a fantasy ...196
Setting: Western / Old WestA western, also known as dusters, is a style popularized in pulp novels and ...196
Animals: MiceIn this group belong games that feature mice or rats as protagonists, or in an ...194
Games made into booksThese games have inspired books or are a direct influence to a book. For the ...192
Unofficial add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator gamesThis group contains all unofficial add-ons for the Microsoft simulator games, ...189
Animals: Primates (monkeys or apes) What is it with people's obsession with monkeys!? These are games that feature ...188
Call of Duty universeGames belonging to the Call of Duty franchise. Originally set only during World ...188
Graphics Engine: RenderWareGames using the RenderWare engine by Criterion Software. RenderWare engine ...187
Gameplay feature: Monster capture / trainingGames where capturing monsters (usually through combat or other violent means) ...184
Setting: AfricanThis group includes games that take place, entirely or partially, on the ...178
Games with manual lookup copy protectionGames that use copy protection by identifying a specified letter, word, or ...178
Distribution Method: EpisodicGames that have been released as a series of episodes which, when put together, ...178
Setting: Egyptian Games that either take place, partially or entirely, in ancient Egypt or a ...176
Genre: Labyrinth / Maze Games featuring labyrinths / mazes as the principal gameplay element.Note: ...176
Theme: SubmarineGames that portray the use of submarine(s) in a prominent role or strongly ...175
Game feature: Hexagonal mapDue to easier arithmetics and bitmapped screens, computer games usually use ...174
Game Engine: ChoiceScript gamesMultiple-choice games (MCGs) written using Choice of Games' ChoiceScript ...174
Physical Bonus Content: Art BookThis group should contain all the retail releases that include a book featuring ...173
Skylanders seriesSkylanders is a series of games that popularized the "toys-to-life" genre, in ...173
NFL licenseesVideo game versions of the American sport football, licensed from the National ...172
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