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The Lawnmower Man licenseesGames based on the movie The Lawnmower Man. Trivia The movie is not based on ...3
The Last Stand series2
The Last of Us series7
The Last Federation series2
The Last Express series3
The Last Door series2
The Last Days of Gaia seriesThis game series contains the different versions of the game The Fall: Last ...6
The Land Before Time licenseesGames based on the movie series The Land Before Time.13
The Kings' Crusade series4
The Ket trilogyA series of graphical and non-graphical adventures published by Incentive.3
The Journeyman Project seriesThe Journeyman Project is a trilogy of first-person, science fiction adventure ...7
The Journey Down series3
The Jetsons licenseesGames based on the Jetsons cartoon.9
Their Finest Hour series2
The Inheritance series2
The Incredibles licenseesGames based on the 2004 Disney and Pixar movie The Incredibles, which told the ...4
The Incredible Machine seriesDynamix's somewhat abstractly physics-based Rube Goldberg machine simulator ...11
The Incredible Crash Dummies licensees3
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing series3
The Impossible Game series2
The Impossible Avatar Getaway series2
The [email protected] series55
theHunter series13
The Hunger Games licensees3
The Humble Bundle compilationsGame compilations that feature a pay-what-you-want sales model. Purchasers of ...28
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