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The Crew series9
The Chzo mythosA freeware AGS adventure tetralogy by Ben Croshaw (Yahtzee).11
The Chaos Engine seriesGroup for "The Chaos Engine" and "The Chaos Engine 2" games.2
The Book of Unwritten Tales series9
The Black Cube seriesThe Black Cube series consists of comics, short videos, video games and music ...1
The Black Bass series9
The Birds and the Bees series2
The Binding of Isaac series7
The Big Three series2
The Bigs seriesA series of baseball games.4
The Berenstain Bears licenseesGames in this group have an official license of the Berenstain Bears children's ...6
The Banner Saga series8
The Badlands universeGames set in the desolate landscape of The Badlands, a universe thought up by ...6
The Backyardigans licensees2
Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy seriesA series of rhythm games featuring the characters, monsters and music from the ...3
Theatre of War series13
The 7th Guest seriesGames based upon the the Stauf Mansion and the owner, Henry Stauf, who engaged ...7
The 4th Unit seriesThe 4th Unit is a series of Japanese-style adventure games by Data West. The ...8
The "2011 Minigame Competition"Games created for 8-bit computers contest 2011 Minigame Competition. There ...4
That's So Raven licensees2
Thalamus Camp seriesMulti-event games with a cutesy, sport-free theme2
Tex Murphy seriesA series of adventure games set in a post-apocalyptic world with elements of a ...9
Tetris variantsTetris was the original falling block puzzle game and therefore any such game ...173
Tetris: The Grand Master seriesAn official Tetris sub-series distinguished by its unique set of gameplay rules ...3
Tetris licenseesAll games produced under an official Tetris license/brand, including Tetris, ...62
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